You can slap me all you want but I couldn't help it!

Firstly can I start this post by saying how totally and utterly fantastic and amazing my husband is. He will do anything to make me happy - even when I have totally and utterly outrageous and unreasonable requests!!!

The wait for my 12 week scan is killing me. Not sure if I posted it yesterday, but I got through to the hospital / midwife team who said I would most likely not get my scan until 13+6 (basically the last day they can do a NT scan). I am 10+6 today so that is potentially another 3 weeks to wait. I just can't do it!!!

After my chat with the midwife team yesterday, I emailed him about how worried I was and how I was struggling with the stress of having to wait for the scan. (Sorry, I do know I'm not the only who has to wait!). I said "I don't suppose you would be amenable to a discussion about another private scan?" (we had one at just over 7 weeks but didn't see baby, only the heartbeart, he was hiding) and he emailed back and said "ring and get an appointment with baby bond ASAP, got to work, speak later"!!! So I tried all day yesterday to get hold of them but no response... finally got through to them this morning and they offered me an appointment on Sunday - so I jumped at the chance and took it. We have a scan on Sunday morning!!!

I know you'll all think I'm nuts for booking another scan, but I just need this for my reassurance. I hope with all my heart that everything is OK and somewhere deep inside me, I kind of do believe it is, but I just couldn't wait another 3 weeks.

Isn't my hubby wonderful to put up with me??? (although he'd never admit it, I'm sure he's looking forward to it loads as well!!!)


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  • I dont think you deserve a slap. We got an early scan cos of previous miscarriage but if we hadnt i would have tried to persuade hubby for a private one. In fact I persuaded him to have 2 4D scans!!!

    I hope everything goes well on Sunday and make sure you let us know how you get on.
  • Oh Joo - so pleased for you! What a darling husband you have.

    Let us know how thrilling it is on Sunday. x
  • Hi vintage rose... do a google search and lots of places will come up. Where do you live? We're going to Baby Bond at Heathrow (well its Staines I think!). My sister had a 4D scan with her first baby there which is how we found out about them.
    We had an early reassurance scan at 7+4 there. They were good. It was ??95. We found two other places in Fareham, for ??50 (recommended by ladies on here) but a bit too far and we could never get an appointment at a good time with them!

  • i understand how you feel babe, i probably would have done the same if i had to weight so long, iv had 4 scans already and im weighting for an apoinment from the hospital for a 5th scan, two of these have been privet and iv only got 7 weeks to go x
  • Joo I think its lovely your having another scan. I completely understand why you feel this way. Your not nuts or anything close to it. Your a loving and concerned mum!!! Bless your husband - your very lucky.

    So 3 sleeps till the scan x x x
  • Aww hunni, what a lovely husband you have :\) I completely understand why you need to have this scan, we might well have considered it if we hadn't had 2 have early scans xxx

  • hi joo,
    I had two private scan's as well one at six weks and one at nine weeks then had my 12 week scan a week later at 10 weeks. I was going to cancel the second private scan but dh wanted us to still have it as it was just after the point that we lost our baby in feb, and you know what it was the best money i've ever spent,
  • I don't blame you - I would go out of my mind if I had to wait that long!!!

    Can I ask though, you say 13+6 is the latest for a NT test, do you know what is the earliest? I am booked for mine on 17 October, which by my LMP makes me 12 + 3 but due to my dodgey cycles, I think I will only be about 10 + 4. Is that too early?

    thanks xx
  • Aw hun that's fab. What a lovely husband. It's such a worrying time and anything to put your mind at ease is worth it. You defnately don't deserve a slap x

    Laura 40+2
  • aaaw you're all so lovely! I thought you'd all be like "Joo *groan*"!!!!!!!! (I can't write what I'm saying but you know what I mean!!!

    mind you, you might be, but just being polite! LOL :lol:

    Moomin - I'm not sure, I think its 11 weeks? I could be wrong though. The scan we're having is only a dating / reassurance scan though - the NT scans with Baby Bond are more expensive.

    Its rubbish though - waiting until the last possible point to do the NT scan! (my hosp. I mean)

  • Definitely don't deserve a slap!!!

    I bled non stop for the first 11 weeks of my pregnancy. I had 2 early scans at 6 weeks and 9 weeks which showed the heartbeat but I carried on bleeding so was sooo worried. I then had to wait until 20 WEEKS until my next scan and I was a wreck!

    Good luck, sure everything will be fine x
  • Yes you are lucky, my boyfriend couldn't really care less about me or the baby so it seems!
  • aaaw Lucretia!
    I'm sure he does.

    Sending you a big hug xxxxxxxxxx
  • You don't deserve a slap at all. When i hadmy daughter my lovely midwife put me in for an early scan at 10 weeks to ease my mind as i had a miscarrage previously and was so worried it would happen again, then i had a normal 12 week scan, and then at my 20 week scan she was sitting too low and they couldn't get all there measurments so i ended up having 2 more after that and i loved having so many scans-it really eases your mind. This time i had a dating scan because i didn't know how far gone i was and i found out i was 11 weeks, it was horrible waiting for that coz i just wanted to make sure i really was pregnant! lol then i had another scan at 13 weeks as they said they couldn't do all the checks etc at 11 weeks as that is too early. So moomin to answer your question i think you have to be between 12-13 weeks to have that scan but if you go to that scan and you are earlier than you thought i think they will just book you in again for 12-13 weeks like they did with me. Any excuse to have more scans!!

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