Did you announce your pregnancy on Facebook?

The Daily Mail are looking for a case study and will pay ??150 if its used.

Daily Mail - Facebook User Case Studies Request
Sadie Nicholas is looking for anyone who has made major announcements about their life through Facebook, rather than speaking to their friends or family individually - e.g. that they're getting a divorce / they've caught their partner cheating / they're pregnant / they are gay / they've resigned from their job / got a serious illness etc. It's for inclusion in a feature about people who choose to communicate key things to the masses on facebook these days. ??150 per person upon publication. Phone interview and photos required. Contact Sadie on +44 (0)7748 907 095 and [email protected]

I don't work for the Mail, I just saw it on a media requests e-mail I get in work .



  • Thats cool I just emailed her - could do with ??150 and I did announce my pregnancy on Facebook!

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