When Did People Start Taking You Seriously?

I am 8 + 5 today, and feel no one takes me seriously!

I told the hr woman in work, as I was having a few problems. She won't even discuss things with me until I am 12 weeks, so feel a bit of a fraud until then.

I called her today about how I am feeling the pressure. There are there of us doing the same job, and they sacked one guy on Monday. The other girl who does the same job as me is having to cover sickness in another department, so I have been asked to do all the sacked guys work. I agreed for the short term, but when I asked what the long term plans were, I am being told he is not being replaced, and the work will be re distributed.

Now the other girl who works with me, she found out she was pregnant last year, and announced she would be doing no extra work, and started trying to palm her work off on me. As soon as she announced she was pregnant, the same.h r woman rushed over to go through all her options with her.

Am I invisible? Should I not be treated the same? Got myself so worked up, it made me sick.



  • Hi Cate

    I can sympathise with you and no, you aren't invisible and yes, should be treated the same as any pregnant woman!

    At my work, my good friend is one week behind me. I have it in my head she is treated differently because her bump is much more prominent than mine! But her maternity cover was sorted out within months, mine still hasn't been thought about! She has been given a full-time parking space, I just get as many as there are free (sometimes not many). I'm being paranoid I know, but still, its not nice is it?

    My family also treat me very differently to when my sister was pregnant... I think that's partly because she was the 'first grandchild' blah blah etc.

    Its annoying, and I do moan about it to hubby! But what can I do...

    Try not to get worked up, is there anyone at all in your office you can talk to about it? And say you feel like you need a bit more support?

    Joo xxx
  • I had problems getting my manager to do anything related to me being pregnant. He didnt do a risk assessment I eventually asked someone else to do it at about 28 weeks.... Its important that you get all the information you need. I didn't tell HR till after 12 weeks scan and they gave me the info then. No one asked about maternity leave etc I had to ask them. People can be so negative when your under 12 weeks. I always tried to keep positive.

    I found that my midwife didnt take me seriously till 31 week appointment! Now at almost 38 weeks some people still ignore the fact that Im pregnant. Some guy hit my car at the weekend and he didnt even bother to ask if I was ok!!

    I hope you get some answers at work soon!

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