Hi all,

Having a little bit of a annoying time. I have had problem after problem with my pregnancy so far- I was taken to hospital the other day (at 25weeks) as they thought I was in labour. Turns out I wasn't but I'm not that well now. I had a swab taken and it came back that I had strep b!

Okay so I done reading about it and I spoken to a doctor and after all that I spoke to my partner who when we spoke we decided to look at a c-section. I went to my midwife today who told me it's not good enough grounds to have one done- surely a killer thing like strep b is good enough reason for this. My baby could die- over 400 babies a year die of this that's over one a day! Surely I should be allowed to have one if I know the risks and I know what to expect at the other end!

I was told IF I had one then it would be preformed at 39weeks but I was also told my baby is coming early (as in maybe upto 4weeks early) so if they know I'm going to be early and know I have this thing that can kill my child then why the hell not let me have a c-section?!?!?!?!

Has anyone been through this? And does anyone know more about strep b that might help me?!

Thank you.


  • i think they can give you antibiotics via a drip when you are in labour and this should mean baby would be ok. Drs are usually reluctant to do c sections unless very good reasons and some would consider group b strep not good enough reason(know this as friend had private swab done, as our hopsital doesnt offer routinely and she was told had to deliver naturally unless she became ill or other problems).
    Maybe worth speaking to dr again soon and agree a plan of action, esp if may go into labour early. If google group b strep should come up with something. Also i know a magazine was campaigning for swab to be available for all and sent petition to gvt who previouslty thought 400 deaths a year is too few to worry about.
    Filo x
  • a friend of mine had a colleague (one of those stories!)who had GBS (Group B streptococci). she had an elective C/S to avoid the baby getting it. as it turned out baby did get it (which in all fairness is rarer than with vaginal delivery), and was quite poorly, as she didnt have any antibiotics, thinking they wouldnt be needed!
    i would suggest, as filo has suggested, to speak with Dr about it, as i think you will find that GBS on its own is not a good enough reason, as it can be treated with antibiotics in labour
    try the official GBS website....
  • I think the only thing I worry about is that they say even with anti bio's the baby can still get it.

    They still should treat the baby after the op as hopefully they would with a natural birth! But I just feel worried for the baby as the chances of him getting it is so much higher now!

    Just feel like im trying to talk to the doctors and midwives and none of them are explaining it and actually helping me!
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