for anybody pg NOT with first baby

hi ladies, im crashing from baby forum and TTC forum. Me and OH are ttc number 2.

I'm terrified of being pregnant whilst looking after a 1year old, as i'm worried a won't be able to be "careful". You're not supposed to lift heavy things - well my dd weighs a tonne and i carry her about all over! i have to chase after her a lot of you'll all know how physically demanding looking after a toddler is. I'm also worried she'll bash my bump by mistake as she climbs on me a lot and im simply terrified of harming/loosing the baby.

Please somebody tell me it's ok, and that it is possible to still be careful? i need my mind putting at rest XX


  • I am currently pregnant with baby no2 and to be honest when you are pg with your first you are really over careful about everything (not saying this is a bad thing but just not always necessary)
    My daughter is 15months old and is walking but yes still needs picking up etc. I haven't found anything so far that has caused a problem and I am 13 weeks pregnant now. I am just a little more careful about how I bend etc.

    I wouldn't worry too much when you do become pregnant again just think sensibly etc like you did with your first pregnancy.

    Good luck ttc

  • Hello!

    Well, I have an 11 month old boy, and I'm 12 weeks pregnant with baby #2! It is possible to be careful, by taking things a little easy. I must say that the heavy lifting thing is hard, Josh weighs 18lb 14oz - which isn't light, but likes to be lifted up quite a lot - It's a matter of just being careful I think, and knowing what you can do. I think my first pregnancy was so much easier, as I was PA so was sitting down for most of my pregnancy, typing and answering the phone etc! This time round, I'm swimming with Josh, off to the local crazy soft play area 3 times a week ... so rest is something i get very little! Mind you, he still has a morning and afternoon nap, so when he sleeps, I go to bed too!!

    Good luck, have fun baby dancing ...

  • im 14+2 with baby number 2 and my little girl is going to be one at the end of the month and she weighs a nice 21lb and lifting her and doing everything else so far has been ok. so as long as you know your limits then i think everything will be fine, just try not to worry about it xx
  • Im 17 weeks pregnant with my second now and I have a 19 month old son. I must admit that when I found out I was pregnant I worried quite a bit about how I would cope, but I really have been ok.
    My OH works away during the week at the moment and just comes home on a friday night, so during the week I just try not to stress to much about the cleaning, I just get the everyday stuff done and save things like dusting and hoovering for when OH is at home.
    One thing that I must say ive found really useful is our playpen, during the first trimester I was really suffering with morning sickness, and would somedays spend upto an hour each morning in the bathroom, so putting my son in the playpen with his fav toys gave me piece of mind, as I knew he was safe and I was able to get on with the not so nice parts of being pregnant!
    As with picking him up, you just have to do it, I think the main reason that they tell you to be cautious with lifting is because all of your muscles and ligaments soften, so there is more chance of you hurting yourself, but my midwife told me to make sure that I use the 'manual handling' lifting technique that they teach you in H&S at work.
    My son is also becoming very careful of my bump, I dont think he understands the concept of there being a baby inside, but he realises that he needs to be carful, and sometimes he even pats my tummy and says 'ahhhhhhh', its sooooo cute!

    Sorry that this has turned into a bit of an essay, but I know exactly how you are feeling!!

    Naomi xx

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  • Hiya,
    I am 5 weeks pg and have a 6 month old son. I am not too worried about bump being bashed and picking up. Just being a little more careful than normal.
    I have already been putting into action the 'bending the knees and not your back' to pick lo up.
    And bashing your bump... well how much bashing is really going to happen? A toddler isn't going to do anything too serious, just be a little bit more cautious than usual and just explain to her that it hurts mummy if she does get too rough with you, or even explain that it might hurt the baby if she can understand and teach her to kiss and cuddle it instead (I know probably easier said than done but its worth a shot)!!!
    There is plenty of protection there especially in the early weeks, it is strong blows or falls that cause any serious damage to the baby. Just think about how firm the midwives were when they felt you daughter in your tummy, that doesn't do any harm!!!
    Speak to a doctor or midwife once you are pregnant as they can tell you exact do's and don'ts but I'm sure they will say something similar. Just take a bit of extra care but you don't have to be over-careful!!!
    p.s good luck ttc!!!! xxx
  • iam 20wks pregnant with baby #2 and 3 and my son is 18 months,he does climb all over me but i try and steer his feet away from my bump or just hold him a little so hes not as heavy,i was very tired at the start but iam getting better,the only thing is my oh baths my son as i do find it a bit hard bending over the bath as iam so big but you do find a way on how to manage


  • hi
    im 30 weeks pg and my son is 18 months old. i found the tiredness a problem at first and how shitty i felt for the first few months. however although i am finding the manouvering a little diff now i have more energy. he was just 1 when i fell pg so same as you. i am more worried about the sleep deprivation once baby arrives. i only have 9 weeks to go now so the heaviness is getting a prob but i have carried on picking up my son all through and he is a boisterous little thing! he does point to my tummy and say baby but then follows on the a slap lol! he doesnt understand yet but he will in a few weeks!
    good luck TTC so exciting!

  • I fell pregnant when my LO was just 3 months old, and have still lifted her up and carried her around for the past 9 months! Haven't done any harm to me or LO!! Id've thought you'd be ok!


  • Agree with everyone else you tend to just get on with it more second time round, put you feet up when they have gone to bed. My dd is 2 and 4 months she climbs all over me and im always picking her up, she has also been known to sit on top of my bump she thinks this is great, she also talks to the bump which can be really funny.
    You will be suprised just how much you just get on with it, i think only my mom is concerned about me picking Poppy up all the time, she tends to let me rest on visits however this is not always possible when toilet training something about mommy having to always take her. I must admit as you get bigger its the little things that get harder like getting them dressed taking them to the toilet etc. But as long as the baby is moving around you will just get tired more.
  • Hi there, I have a 18 1/2 month old son, and I'm 27 weeks pregnant with our second son. My little boy is tall and weighs over 30lb, so he's quite a weight to lift, but I've been absolutely fine so far. The main risk is to you rather than the baby (although obviously we worry far more about our babies!), as it is easier to put your back out when the ligaments soften. I just try to lift him carefully, by bending my knees rather than pulling too much on my back. My midwife told me to be careful (for me, not the baby) as my stomach muscles separated quite early on this time, and so far I've been fine.

    My little boy does like to lean on my bump and has knocked it a few times, but all is absolutely fine- the baby is so well cushioned by all the amniotic fluid, and when it's very small it's well hidden and cushioned by you. I was a bit worried at first, and I obviously take care when I'm with my son by making sure he doesn't accidentally kick me, but I just thought about how hard my bump has been pushed when being examined by the midwife and having ultrasound scans, and this is harder than my son has managed!

    I hope you get your BFP v soon, and that you have a relaxed pregnancy- enjoy! xxx
  • Gosh -everyone seems to be managing better than me!!
    I'm 36wks preg and finding my 20month old a real challenge. He can't fit on my lap properly and carrying becomes really tiring. Then again I am nearly there and it wasn't so bad early on.
    Legs carrying an extra 3 stone with this preg which jumps to 5 stone when I pick him up so no wonder !! :roll:
  • Hi Linz,

    I'm 22 weeks pg with no.3. Amy, my eldest, has just turned 3 last week & Zara is 10 months. Amy is great coz she knows there is a baby in mummys tummy so she is careful but I do remember when I was pg with Zara her climbing up on my tummy.

    As for lifting towards the end it does get a bit more awkward though I find thats more due to the bump getting in the way than anything else & it can be more tiring as you have another lo to think of so cant just rest when you want to but I wouldnt change it for the world. I'm finding this pregancy easier at time coz the girls are good at playing together & amusing eachother.

    Good luck with ttc no.2 & hope to see you on the pregnancy forum soon

    Hilary x
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