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Are Clearblue early detection tests good?


I haven't been trying to get pregnant but a couple of weeks ago my partner and I had unprotected sex a few times. I had sore boobs a few days after but thought it was just down to my period being due in a couple of weeks even though that's not a typical symptom for me. Anyway my period is 5 days away but i randomly bought a clearblue early detection test and I've just done it not even with first morning urine and it came up positive. I'm just wondering whether these are trustworthy tests to use? Anyones opinion would be great please xximage


  • I took one of these and a first response and both were accurate. I’d say you were pregnant!

  • I used one today and mine had a faint line I'm like u not sure what to believe x fingers crossed for u x

  • Thanks for replying ladies. I went a bit crazy and bought more tests last night. Did 2 first responses and just an asda digital and they were all positive too so I don't think they could all be wrong! Even tho yours is faint hun it's still a positive so congratulations xximage

  • Hi ladies me and my partner are trying to conceive I have 22 month old daughter already so I'm not to disappointed if it's not happening for me just yet but today marks I am 5 weeks late for my period I have taken several tests all negative but last night I did a clear blue and got a faint positive and this morning I got a negative can anyone please help me 🙂

  • Is this the faint positive?

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