did anyone have medium ish implantation bleed when af would have ben due??? got my bfp yesterday and bleeding today x


  • When i was ttc one month as usual (or so i thought) my period came bang on cue, the thing is it only lasted about 3 days and was a bit lighter than normal (i am normally 7-8 days and heavy flow) so when it stopped after 3 days i waited a couple more days and did a test as i thought it could be implantation bleeding. I got a bfp with the test so thats what i reckon it must have been.

    If you want to double check leave it a couple of days and do another test (after the bleed)/or if your worried speak to your gp and they can refer you to the epu to put your mind at rest.

    Suzi 24+2 xxx
  • yeah i had bleeding both times, first time i didnt have a clue i was pegnant so i used a tampon! only discovered the week later i was pregnant!

    it happened the month after as i was waiting for first af after mc, again i had bleeding which was quite heavy- this time i was a bit more aware. bleeding came and went and when af didnt arrive i was very suspicious- especially as i had really bad af cramps.
    took a test and bingo BFP!

    congratutulations on your BFP!!

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