just wonderd is anyone else experiencing this? .... each time i cough i get a pain under my bump is it normal?


  • getting the same problem its really painful, have a hacking cough due to damp in flat image was wondering the same.
  • awww i hope someone replies to us crotchetmom how far gone are you?
  • yes it is mum2another1 it sounds like it is normal am glad i am not the only one who has been experiencing this it makes me more reassured things are normal thanx xxx
  • Hi there. I used to get this in the early stages of my pregnancy. Apparently there's a big ligament that supports your bump and when you cough etc it stretches a little and that causes the pain. For me it got better after about 18 weeks (due date is tomorrow!!)
  • good luck campbellly! fingers crossed bubba;s on time. Katie lou i'm 13 +4 and been suffering for weeks. i've never phoned midwife over my probs i come here and get the answers i need from in here. lol
  • yea me too crotchetmom lol gudluck campbelly xxxxx
  • Hi Katie Lou,

    I had the same earlier on in my pregnancy. I have now developed a horrendous cough and it really hurts my belly cuz every time i cough my belly button sticks out. It really hurts and feels like its gonna split!! I hope you don't get that though! I've sent hubby out for some strepsils to ease my sore throat! Apparently we can take strepsils.

    Hope you feel better soon hun,

    Amy 30 + 4 weeks xxxxx
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