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Hi everyone, I have been having quite alot of pain at the bottom of my back and I just wondered if anyone knew if it was likely to be SPD or just a bad back! I am 23 weeks now and it has been getting worse for the last few weeks, it is right at the bottom of my back, more like my bum really on both sides. Rolling over in bed is really painful and it gets worse if I have to walk upstairs. Picking my toddler up is painful too. I'm not sue to see the midwife again for another 5 weeks and I'm not sure whether to make an appointment specially before then. What do you think?


  • Hey, have a look at my PGP is SPD post, it sounds like you have the same as me image

  • i'd say sounds like sciatica or SPD i have both and they interlink from what i can gather. speak to GP for a ohysio referal hun may be worth it! especially with a toddler!
    Good luck chick!
  • Im suffering from spd,and it hurts like hell!!! it's not in my spine it's right at the front and the underneath of my pelvis and feels like it's going in to my lady bits!!! It hurts to walk, lay on my right side and to lift my legs!!!!
    Another form of pain releif is accupunture, I had my first session today, it's meant to really help if not get rid of the pain altogether, mine is free at my hospital, best ask your midwife for a referal if your interested. You can also see a physio, they take you through exercises and posture mine gave us giant tubie grips to wear like a corset support and this really helps at night, not so comfy when you are sitting down to eat. Good luck in finding the right thing for you
    nic x image
  • Hi Bedhead - I also think I have symptoms of SPD although it is in my hip/bum (left side) more than anywhere else. I've had it since 16 weeks and the only time it hurt was when I lay down & even then it was mild, but the last few days I have experienced pelvic pain as well. My mw asked if I wanted to be refered to a physio but I said no as I am still v. mobile and I thought other women might need the appointments more - now I'm thinking I made the wrong choice - but it is a good idea to ask. My mw also advised I sleep with a pillow between my legs and I have found it really helps. xxx
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