oh my! i've just come acroos this, and its really just taken my breath away

i don't know if any of u have seen this, but it really has amazed and also sickened me slightly, as it just shows how wrong the abortion limit is! just to think there are women who can have an abortion at the stage yet the baby is capable of surviving! i wonder how many baby's can potentially be aborted but survive it so the mother ends up with the baby anyway and possibly brain damged due to such an early enforced labour! don't know if its just that i'm extra tetchy being 23 weeks pregnant myself, but i do think its disgusting that who can have an abortion up to 24 weeks when the baby then has a 44% chance of survival! i hope i don't offend anyone but thats my opinion.

this little girl truely is a little miracle



  • i agree with you ladies, the abortion limit is way too high!!! i'm all for freedom of choice, but you honestly must really know well before 24 weeks if you want to keep the baby or not!!! what a lovely story, it's just a shame her twin didnt survive!!
  • You are right it is amazing and like you say - sickening. I cannot see how it is acceptable to have an abortion at anywhere near this stage. I cant believe the baby in my tummy is like this now. One day the abortion limit will have to change as medicine gets more and more advanced.
    anyway - its still amazing that she survived! xxx
  • I think the abortion limit is to high and should be lowered, this gorgeous baby is living proof that you can survive before 24 weeks xx
  • Siany I can't believe that my Spencer is as big as that and would look like that if he came out now.

    As for abortion i think you'd have to be in a bit of a pickle to leave it so late to terminate. I wonder how many people do actually abort so late.

  • I totally agree and think it's disgusting, especially as teenagers do this more than you think. If the reasons behind abortion are purely medical then I could maybe get my head round it but just because someone isnt ready, they should have made up their minds by 24 wks. I gave birth last year to twins at 23 wks. Sadly both passed away (1 straight after birth and the other 10 wks later) but they were perfect and made me even angrier at people who abort at this stage.
  • I've found myself thinking about the abortion limit lately as im now 24 weeks. It's way too high, you can have an abortion for medical reasons at anytime so i really don't understand why it's set at 24 weeks when it's clear that a baby can survive outside the womb at that point.

    Im not anti abortion but the limit should be lowered x

  • gem gem, thats exactly it, peanut is also at this age and it blows my mind that that is how he is too, and baffles me how anyone cld want or need to terminate a such a late stage.

    tuppence, i'm so sry to hear of ur losses. i can only imagine the anger u feel towards the abort rate at this age having gone thru that.

    pixie bob, i totally i agree i'm not anit abortion either but 24 weeks is definately too high. in fact it was only reading this story that i found out it was 24 weeks until then i thought it was 20, which i had thought was too high but 24 is just ridiculous.

  • wow, Im 23 weeks!
  • im 21 weeks today and i think its terrible that you can still abort now. i know its not always black and white but it frustrates me when people get abortions this late on, and for stupid reasons like they wernt being careful enough. i think that by 12 weeks you know your pregnant and should have made that choice, 24 weeks is absurd!

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