when do u Movement

Whats the earlist time you can feel movemnt i felt summit the other dya but its too soon.. cos im due in july 14th


  • Hi with my first i didnt feel anything until 19 20 weeks its like butterflies in your tummy, with my second it was 15 weeks as i knew what i was looking for, i am about 14 weeks with my third and due on the 8th july and havent felt anything yet but it shouldnt be too long.
    vikki xx
  • i felt movement at 14-15 weeks. Have felt the odd movement now and again.i'm now 20+2 and worried that i'm not feeling anything but I always have my doppler and always hear the heartbeat.

    I shouldnt worry so early give it time!!!
  • I was 19 weeks, nearly 20. That's the average for your first baby so I wouldnt worry.
  • I felt mine at 12 weeks. This is my second so that makes a difference. I'm also quite slender they say that makes it easier to feel baby move earlier on in the pregnancy. my midwife says its normal too so don't worry.
  • cool cos im like 13 weks so this feeling was like a lil tap n keep feelin loud rumbles like tummy rumbles wen ur hungry but more vibration n much louder
  • i thought i felt butterflys about 2 weeks ago! but last night i defo felt the baby move,it was such a great feeling,i was really overwelmed! im 19weeks and 1 day! xx
  • I am pregnant with my first, and I felt movement at 17+5 whilst watching Little Miss Sunshine on DVD! It was definitely movement, and I felt it twice. Then I felt it every day afterwards. Everyone is different though - a friend of mine didn't feel anything until she was about 22 weeks, and was very worried, but all is well with her and her baby.
  • With my first I didn't feel any movements until 19-20weeks, but this time ive bin feeling these "butterflies" or "bubbles" from about 12weeks. They were really faint at first but now they are quite strong. Kerry xxx

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