Constantly STARVING...!!!

I am10 weeks and I am just so so so hungry - - nothing seems to satisfy me at the moment... is anyone else just constantly hungry... and if so is there anything that you are eating that is helping you stay NOT hungry..!


  • oh yes, i am now 16 weeks & its getting worse, i need to constantly eat all yummy foods, my appitite is huge and it never was before & i was not like this with my first pregnancy, i am just hoping it settles down, its costing us a fortune in shopping billsimage
  • I've been ravenous since conception and wasn't last time but assume I need to build myself up or something as I was smaller at the start of this pregnancy compared to the last. I only got this way at the end last time. I have been told to graze all day as my blood pressure is low and I've been getting headaches so it's probably just the body's way of telling you that you need more. Bananas, bread, pasta and rice are more likely to fill you up than crisps and biscuits but it doesn't seem to make any difference to me.
  • Manfs

    You sound like you having similar pregnancy to me, i have Low BP this time & contant headaches, i just want to eat all the time x
  • just to let you know, you get even hungrier when breastfeeding. i was eating 5 big meals a day with snacks in between and still lost all my baby weight in 6 months! good luck with your pregnancies ladies! xx
  • wow claire i hope youre right! probably one of a lucky few!!
    june i had a problem wit not being able to stop eating... i remember eating a whole multipack of wotsits one sunday lunchtime then having a roast dinner! mmm.... dont think ive ever been able to eat thatmuch before in my life!
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