Classical Music

Hi everyone,
I'm 22 weeks and I have been playing classical music to my womb through headphones and an MP3 player. Husband has also started talking to baby. Anyone else doing strange things to make contact?



  • I'm 38+4 & my 2yr old loves talking to the baby through my belly button but the funny thing is that recently when she does it the baby nearly always kicks!!!

    I know its not quite the same but before Amy was born she used to do acrobatics in the womb everytime Robbie Williams Rock DJ came on!!!

    Hilary x
  • No, but i havent even felt my baby move at all yet (that i know of). Ive had the odd fluttery / bubbly sensation but nothing that i can say was definately baby. Dont know if that was it or not. Maybe its still a bit early - i'm 19 weeks 1 day.

    May try the music through headphones to see if i can get a reaction :\)
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