Early Showing. Twins?

Hey Guys

Just want your thoughts on bumps. I am just passed ten weeks and dont have my scan for another three but I am showing quite a biggish bump for so early on. People are noticing and even though I am trying to wear baggy clothes they arent really helping.

This is my first pregnancy so I am wondering if it is a big bump could it be twins? Me and OH both have twins in our families in fact both of our parents are from sets of twins. Slightly worried about having two babies at once put I know we will cope.



  • hi hun i suppose you wont know until your scan. i had the same thing last pg. was worried and hubby was so nervous what will be will be let us know x
  • Hi hun, i was showing clearly from 8 weeks but only had one baby. But you will have a much higher chance of twins if they
    are on both sides. x
  • Your symptoms are supposed to be worse if twins as well, twice the morning sickness etc etc.... I was quite sick initially and they looked for twins when I was scanned at 8 weeks but there was only one lickle person in there image
  • Hi Jade

    I was showing quite clearly from 10 weeks too (which I was a bit annoyed about because I was trying to keep it quiet until after I'd had my 12 week scan, but everyone was noticing). I'm only having one and this is my first pregnancy too. I think everyone's body is different. Loads of people have said that I've looked huge and ready to 'drop' for ages now but I still have 5 weeks left! Other women have small bumps...

  • Hello

    I was pretty sure from 8 weeks that i was carrying twins and 12 weeks showed i was, i def believe in mothers instinct. Re likelyhood of twins you are only more likely if you have non-identical twins on your mothers side as extra ovulation is passed down genetically. If their is identical twins on your mothers side it doesnt increase your chance of having twins. If it is twins then make sure you check the twins section of this site as all us multiple mummys are always willing to help. Whatever the outcome I wish you a fantastic first scan xxDBxx


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