i fell down the stairs!!!

on sat nite i fell down the bloody stairs, the whole flight!!!!
juniors ok i went down on my bum! but OMG does it hurt! ive badly bruised my coccyx & i cant sit down properly, i suppose its quite funny now but it still bloody hurts!!!
im just worried that the pain wont have gone away by the time junior wants to come!!!!!


  • Oh thats terrible, but surprising how often it happens. My sis did exactly the same when 5 months pregnant and still gets vertigo sometimes at the top of the stairs, baby is now 13 months old!! Main thing is you are both ok and am sure you will be able to sit down soon. xx
  • awwww hun how far gone are you? i've done that its the shock of whats happened after that gets you then the pain sets in i don't envy you. i'm lucky i can't fall down our stairs as i have to go up and down them carefully, plus i cling to the banister and wall as i go down. my balance aint great and i now have the dreaded SPD so walking up and down stairs hurts like hell hence taking it slow lol
  • juniors defo ok ive just been 4 a 4d scan!!!!im 26 weeks!thanks for replying girls!
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