Are Dr's really dumb? Rant...

I had to go back to the hospital today for more blood (annoyingly she did not take enough last time to test!) and I've been having a few pains in my stomach so asked if the Dr could see me (hoping for a scan of course!) But she was REALLY dumb. She just used the doppler thing to try and hear the heartbeats,but I KNOW where the babies are...A) because I can feel the movement and B) because I find them on my doppler. She found one where it should be but then told me that she could hear the other one about an inch above that which is NOT where it is! I just went along with her but used my doppler when i got home and confirmed that the other one is much further left!

So anyway,she then said not to worry about any pain because there is a higher risk of late miscarriage with twins and they couldn't do anything anyway! So instead of reassuring me she's just made me paranoid about the risk of losing one/both and told me not to worry!! So in general,I'm not impressed! Hopefully my actual consultant is better than her.....

K 14 today xx


  • OMG! What a stupid, awful thing to say to you!
    As you say, let's hope your consultant is better.
    Ames x
    23 wks
  • Silly cow. I bet everything is just fine honey the fact you can hear the heart beats and also the movement is a wonderful sign.

    Also I have been getting some bad pain and only have one so you will go through more pain with all that is going on inside you.

    I know it's hard not to worry did a post about worrying myself but everything will be fine, as long you use your doppler and feel them that should ease your mind.

    K xx

  • What a silly woman! I cant believe she would tell you not to worry about miscarriage then tell you the risk is higher than twins, as if that wouldnt worry you! Please ignore everything she said, and like the others have said, if you are feeling lots of movement and picking up their little heartbeats then i'm sure everthing is fine xxxx
  • I met a good few useless doctors throughout my preegnancy. JSilly woman some just don't have a clue. My advise would be just rest and take it easy as much as you can - If you need to go sick from work then do. I rested as much as I could and went sick from 20 weeks. luckliy had a great husband for the housework!! - I reached 38+5 weeks and probably further (had elective section)
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