help! just started bleeding at 6 weeks???.....

PLEASE can anyone tell me whats going on??...
ive just this minute started to bleed and have bad period cramps at 6 weeks!..
does this mean miscarriage??

im so scared!. just phoned the hospital and they cant do anything to help me as so early on....

its rather browny but bleeding very light at the moment!>.......


  • I dont want to worry you but this happened to me at 6/7 weeks and did end in mc. I went to a&e and they did an internal and took some bloods to check hcg levels then i was sent to the epau the next morning for a scan. The gynae nurse at the epau said that bleeding in pregnancy is very very common and does not always mean mc. She said they see people who are bleeding bright red blood heavily and go on to have healthy babies. I would suggest you go to a&e, they were lovely to me. I was crying my eyes out and made no sense but they really calmed me down and were lovely. It does not mean mc, dont forget brown blood is old blood and is more than likely an implantation bleed. Do you know where you epau is?
  • Hi

    it sounds to me like it could be an 'implantation bleed', which can happen at about 6 weeks. I had the same thing when I was pregnant but because I didn't realise I was at the time I just thought it was my period.
    ~Especially if its just a brown colour - I seem to remember reading that you should only really worry if its bright red.

    Hospital should have been able to tell you this though - they are so useless sometimes. Good luck!!! Hope all goes well for you.
  • bleeding is such a confusing thing to happen in pregnancy as it can mean so many things. But either go to a&e or wait for a little while to see if it calms down. I had a bit of spotting at 4 wks and it was red in my discharge with tummy ache but it turned out to be nothing, mw said possibly implantation bleeding. xx take care!
  • Hi
    Like the ladies before have said, blood does not always mean mc. I had bleeding with my second pregnancy which unfortunately did end in mc, however i bled at 6 weeks in this pregnancy with cramps as well and everything turned out fine in the end.
    If the hospital are being useless, try ringing your doctor or midwife tomorrow morning and they may be able to arrange for you to have a scan asap with the Early pregancy unit to find out what's going on.
    Wish you all the best of luck xxxx
  • thanks.. when you ladies say spotting.. what do you mean..
    as at the moment i am bleeding constant but not heavy. i have some brown bits in too.. which seem like tiny amounts of flesh.. but brown!??..
    im so worried..
  • mine was like (this is gonna sound gross!) but sometimes when you have a snotty nose and there is a streak of blood in it. take care PL. XX
  • thanks ladies..
    ill have to see how it goes..
    dont suppose ill get alot of sleep tonight!.. im trying to keep calm. i having cramps that get worse and ease off right now.... ???
    does implantation spotting happen this late??.. and how long should it go on for?
  • my mw said that implantation happens around 4/5 wks and can last up to 2days(ish) but everyone is different hun. don't compare yourself coz u'l drive urself potty! xx
  • I was told that sometimes it the embryo bedding in more (it was slightly more technical than that), i was also told that it can be your body getting rid of any old womb lining it doesnt need. Also if you have had sex recently it can cause trauma to the cervix and cause bleeding.
  • Hi girls,
    Just to add it isn't always implantation bleeding...I had brown bleeding almost every day, from week 5 until week 11! It was absolute hell and tbh I pretty much wrote my pregnancy off as mc, even though I had scans and everything was fine. At the first scan (they saw baby's heartbeat), they told me that bleeding was normal for this pregnancy and not to worry unless it turned red or I had cramps. In week 9, I started gushing blood (although not for long) and had cramps all night - had a scan a few days later - everything was fine!!!

    This kind of constant bleeding is called breakthrough bleeding...sometimes you bleed for no reason at all! So don't worry because you think it's too late for implantation....

    I'm now nearly 26 weeks, and am completely fine!

    If it is light then I would call the GP surgery in the morning and ask them to arrange a scan (or blood test), it's a bit cheeky but if you're really stressing then lie & say it's quite heavy because doctors are soooo unsympathetic about early pregnancy and dont seem to understand that it aint just an embryo (thats what one doctor said to me), it's a growing baby and early pregnancy is one of the most stressful times ever!

    Good luck
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