How the hell...

can midwives tell which way baby is lying? I am 28+3 and he is anterior and head down...but I can never tell where he is, god knows how but she said she could feel his head & back. I also know someone who gave birth in november and she said she could tell where her baby was and which bit was which by 30 wks.

Anyone elses bump just feel like a giant blob?! I have trouble believing there's a baby in there!


  • I was exactly like that in my first pregnancy, and the mw was getting me to feel babies head and various different limbs (which was nice of her but i still didnt have a clue). Id sumtimes be able to tell if a foot was sticking out (coz that really hurt) but other than that i didnt have a clue. Lucky for me my mums best friend is a mw so she was always feeling and checking for me, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • Well I guess they are specially trained to feel and know exactly where the baby my first pregnancy the baby was head down, but back to back so the face was pointing upwards. She said she could feel the nose on my lo's face and the eye sockets etc etc. I have no idea how she knew, but then again I've not been training for years and feeling hundreds of womens pregnant bellies!

    Karys 21 +1 weeks xx
  • i know its mad isnt it how they knowbut like you say they know what thy are looking for. When you get to about 29 weeks you can start to make out limbs as they poke through your skin they arereally boney and hurt! But when you think about it how scrawny are premature babies they have no fat on them so no wonder it hurts. Every day something blows my mind about being pregnant. Can you beleive that something we and our oh made is growing inside us.
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