soar boobs gone?

hey all almost 14 weeks now and had unbelievably soar boobs but the past few days they havnt really been soar at all, everything so far gone well and scan was all good, is this just one of them things? hate to worr bout every lil thing but cant help it, will await any1s responce image XXX


  • hi, this shldn't be anything to worry about, as u hit the second trimester most of the symptoms and horribleness of the first trimester begin to wear off and dissappear. make the most of feeling 'normal' again for a while cos from what i've been told the third trimester is all about tiredness and back ache lol. they say the 2nd trimester is the most enjoyable because ur over the sickness and aches and not yet too big and uncomfortable. however if u are worried then u can always ask ur midwife or GP to put ur mind at rest.


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