i knw these r normal but cnt help but woory ive spoke to the doc n seems to fink im fine they keep comin n goin any 1 else have this????


  • How far gone are you? I had it from about 6 weeks on and off until about 12 weeks i think!x
  • im 7 weeks its feels like period pain its worse wen i sat down image
  • I've had them from about the 2nd trimester, usually when the baby has had a lot of movement. My M/W said it was just the womb changing shape. I tended to get it worse when having a growth spurt.
  • Yeh i think its normal although hard not to worry i know its just everything moving and stretching x
  • it gets me so paronoid but i guess its normal! i think every1 worries bout lil things but im glad doc thinks its all normal! that puts my mind at rest!i find the whole thing amazin how it all grows and stuff image
  • i am 4 weeks and have had period like pains since before i found out i was pg really thought my period was coming and ive hd them on and off my doc said its the cervix stretching
    but im wooried too so youre not on your own hun xxx
  • its nice too knw ur not on your own! and your not bein silly lol
  • I had stomach cramps from about 5 weeks I think until about 12 weeks and you can't help but worry but I was told it was your uterus stretching and it does feel like period pains. if you are worried, go and see the doctor and check it out - people don't tell you about the stomach cramps which is what worried me - I kept phoning all my friends who had babies recently to see if they'd had it too! x
  • well i rung nhs direct yesterday too just double checkin! lol also my mate is a nurse which is very handy at times lol!
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