Pram Dilemma!

Hi ladies

Is it just me or do you find the range of prams you can buy mind-boggling?! :\? I did have my heart set on the Quinny Buzz but being realistic it's just going to be too expensive by the time we've bought car seat, carry cot etc. etc. so we're trying to decide on an alternative but don't know where to start - help!

Serena xxxx


  • Hi Serena I agree with zoey about trying lots of places. I swear by some of the e-bay shops I was looking at getting a stroller suitable from newborn as its going to be summer and getting the cosy toes for winter. I also find this way its lighter too and takes up less space. Anyway the one I was looking at from Mothercare was ??120 and on e-bay they have done ones very similar for ??50 with cosytoes included.

    Also on e-bay some of the shops from abroad are worh looking at as they have some different but reasonable priced puschairs especially from Germany and the shipping costs are not too bad.

    Hope this helps, when i had my first I spent a lot of money on my pushchair with all accesories and to be honest wasnt in there for too long either and looking back wished I had shopped around.

    Hope this helps xx
  • Thanks Zoey, I'll have a look. We're not buying it yet, we're not buying anything 'big' until after the 20-week scan, but as it's a really difficult decision, we're just trying to see what the options are now.

    How's things with you? I've had two days now where I've not thrown up - yay!! Hopefully the sickness has passed, for the time being, at least! xxxx

  • Thanks honey. I'll certainly check out e-bay! I know it must be very easy to go over the top when it's your first baby - everything I see I want! But I know I've got to try and be realistic!! I hadn't even thought of a stroller, and being a July baby hopefully it will be warm so maybe a pram isn't necessary? Thanks for the advice xxxx
  • Have you seen the new Bugabo Bee? Its ??359 and you can get a nest so that you can use it with a newborn for the first 6 months - for a summer baby I think it would look really nice and if the connectors are the same as the Cameleon you'll be able to use a car suit with it too.
  • hello, ive bought the mamas and papas pilkoP3 in cosmos for ??240. you have to by a seperate soft pram liner for and extra ??40 to make it into a pram though. THIS IS THE ONE I GOT

    but then i saw this deal on ebay. the same pram brand new . i was so gutted

    im sure whatever pram your after. you could get it from a reputable seller brand new ( with buy it now options)on ebay. just check payment options and delivery prices before buying. most have 24 hour delivery

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  • Thanks ladies. I really like the mamas and papas pram and that's a fab deal on e-bay! Not sure about the Bugaboo Bee - it might be a grower though! xxxx
  • If you like the Mamas and Papas pilko you should look at the Silver Cross 3d they are almost identical but the silver cross includes the pramliner, a changing bag, footmuff and rain cover. Think mamas and papas charge seperately for these.

    We found the biggest influence on our choice was the car seat - not all seats fit all cars and it meant our choice was considerably reduced - so my best advice is get down to mothercare find which car seats fit your cars and then work from there! Am amazed that cars all have different seat belt lengths! That the seat angles have a huge effect and the length of the seatbelt catch is also very important! Its crazy really. We spent hours making the decision in the end!

    Lianne (18+3)
  • Oh my god, I had no idea! Thanks Lianne xxxx
  • is it just me or does the bugaboo bee look like a total waste of money??? its so ugly and looks like it will be uncomfortable. I don't know maybe it's just me - but some modern prams i just can't get used to!! lol

    I've got a pliko pramette from my first baby who's 2 now and we still use it for her and she loves it as it changes into a pushchair. It's still in really great nick so the we'll change it back into a pram for the new baby. I'll probably use it for baby number 3 too as can't bring myself to get rid of it now what with the sentimental value etc! But it's the 2007 version so it still looks modern and it's in the gorgeous toffee colour which is quite rare.

    I must admit it is hard making a decision, that's why I can't be bothered and keeping the one we have now lol. xx
  • We are going to look at prams tomorrow. We're not getting one yet but I need to change my car and I'm not getting a new car to find I can't fit a pram in it. I really feel overwhelmed by all the choice. They all seem to do so much stuff . Just want one that fits in the car boot, easy to fold, will last a while and that has a car seat with it. Is that too much to ask????!!!
  • I am getting my pram from an Ebay shop but it is in Germany.
    I found a shop in Bath called Eric Snookes and they had ones really similar so I went in and had a play etc.
  • I would check out local independent baby shops, they work out cheaper. I have bought the graco mirage travel system for ??119!

    I find with a lot of prams you are paying ??100 extra just so you can have it rear-facing and then ??100 on top of that for a carrycot, we have decided just not to go there as the baby's only in them for 3-6 months. Having said that I saw some gorgeous prams in a local shop, there is a silver cross one in beige that is beautiful!!
  • Hey Elsbeth I work in Bath! I'll have to check out this Eric Snookes shop - whereabouts is it, I've never heard of it? xxxx
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