need advise but this is tmi sorry

i keep waking up in the middle of the night with cramp pains in my belly and i go to the toilet for a number 2 (sorry tmi) and it settles down is this normal???
becky 6+6


  • sounds like you may have a bowel prob hun speak to the docs or if it is uncomfortable to pass drink lots of water and eat more fiber and roughage. I get cramp in my belly if i have wind trying to move it can get excrutiating and have me keeled over. mine was from damage done a few years back. as long as your not bleeding from that end i'd say its not too serious but still get it checked out.
  • no im not bleedin! il go n c the doc tmra if it carrys on! its not really bad pain tho!
  • probably just gas movin things along to fast 4 ur body wouldn't worry too much image did think you may have IBS but not so sure now...
  • ill c the doc tmra any way! just 2 make sure
  • ive just bin 2 c the doc n said its normal image
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