dress advice needed!

Hi, please help!! im goin to an event this weekend that i probably need to wear a dress, thought i'd have something suitable in but i just dont feel right in anything i've got so gonna look for a new one. i'll be about 14 wks pg and dont think i really have a bump just a bit of a waist. so i dont really know what to get, should i get a normal dress that i probably won't fit into soon or a maternity one that i could wear again whilst pg. or are maternity ones really for when you've got an actual bump. confused! xx

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  • Hiya, I had a beach wedding to go to when I was about 15 weeks and like you, didn't really have a bump but as I had to buy it in advance and wasn't sure whether I would, I went for an empire line dress from M&S. It was quite flattering & I was able to wear it again at 18 weeks for an event and then discovered on the night of my Christmas do image (28 weeks), it was the only thing I could fit in to! I've been lucky and not put on that much weight. My cousin at the beach wedding was also pregnant but about 2 months ahead of me and she just bought a normal dress (again empire line) as she didn't find any maternity ones she liked. You can always wear it again after your pregnancy, that was my theory anyway.

    Hope that helps

  • I was bridesmaid when I was 18 weeks and because we didn't want to get me a dress too early (coz we were not sure what size I'd need!) we endend up buying an empire line dress from principles, I didn't need a bigger size than normal and it hid my slightly larger waist area perfectly.

    Hope you find something! (asos.com have some rly nice stuff at the mo)

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