FAO Claire01 and all other newbies I havent said HI to!!!

Just wanted to welcome you all to our happy and hormonal home where nothing is out of bounds and no hormonal opinion is judged!!!!

Ask away no matter how daft you think your question may be, coz am sure a lot of us on here have asked a few daft things ourselves (I know I have)!!!

It is a weird wonderful thing being pregnant - one second you are beaming from ear to ear the next you may be in a heap on the floor sobbing coz you are scared of anything and everything. This is my 3rd and I have never experienced anything like it and thank god for the ladies in here!!

Pull up a pew and get chatting!!

Love Lee


  • Hi Lee
    We have chatted before but there's not many on this morning so I thought I'd give you a reply.
    How are you feeling today?
    I woke up really hungry and munched my way through 2 bacon sandwhiches. Feeling sick and I've got rampant heartburn now.:lol:
    When are you due?
  • Hiya!

    I just popped over to TTC - for some reason I feel protective as I watch your stories and give help if I can and I saw that Claire01 was lonely!! I know your pretty new mate aint ya - we arent that scary over here are we lol

    I am due my 3rd little boy in June - fighting for a 38 wk section at the moment so not sure bout date. Am seeing consultant for the 1st time on Tuesday. At the moment my heartburn is soooooooooo bad I am swigging gaviscon advance instead of coffee but having heard you talk about bacon I might just have to have it and suffer the consequences. Feeling so naughty might throw an egg on top lol.

    Hows things going with you? This is your 2nd isnt it?

    Love Lee
  • Yeah. After 10 years.
    Oh was adamant about not having anymore because of his older 2 but when my friends granduaghter was born he turned into this huge soppy thing and Christmas night produced a baby name book that he'd wrapped up for me. I was gob smacked.
    Sat in silence for an hour (not me at all :lol: )
  • Aaah - that is really sweet!

    Dont think my oh has a romantic bone in his body lol

    His idea of being romantic is giving me the money to buy my own flowers or if am really lucky might be some on cheap at the petrol station (dying ones)! But even that has only happened once!

    Suppose with having 3 kids between us and a joint one on the way there is no time for romance - funnily enough I think this one was conceived while the other 2 smaller ones were totally engrossed in Spongebob Squarepants and the eldest wasnt here! Talk about short on time lol
  • It was a tiny bit more romantic than that I suppose - I was pratting around in my wedding dress!!!

    Does that make it romantic??????????????
  • hi. im expecting my 3rd baby - due in june and im pretty new to these chat thingys only been in the forums about a week.

    congratulations every1 and i hope ur pregnancys go well!!


  • hello all im new to all this aswell
    im having my 4th baby ive got 2 boys and a girl
    im not due until the 18th sept so im not far off 4 months
    take care all vonnie xx
  • aww oldermum69 i think that is romantic! haha

    Hello everyone XX
  • saw claire01 was here and a few more newbies 2 say hello and welcome to so bumped this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hi all im fairly new to this forum ive got a 3 year old little boy and one on the way due around the 25th nov so along time yet but im sure it will fly by

    emma xx
  • hi
    my fourth is due on the 24th,you dont live in cornwall do you ?
  • Your piccy of your little girl is so sweet! Was it done 4 easter? How old r your kids? R u from cornwall - i live in Bolton but tbh my heart is in Watford! Sooooo difficult getting used to living up north lol

  • hi i actually grew up in grimsby,lived down here for 16 years.my kids are 14 ,9 and 5.that pic was taken easter last year.one of my favs x
  • http://tickers.baby-gaga.com/p/dev261pr___.png

    hiya girls just popped on to see how you all are doing this morning
    im so tired and god really bad headaches alot this is my 4th pregnancy
    and ive never had them so bad grrrrr never mind vonnie xx
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