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hi folks, how are we all today? Im just back from my 28wk appt, and was told that ante natal classes dont start until ur 34-36 weeks? is this right, cos it seems a bit late on to me but since this is my first, im really not sure?


  • Hi Paula,

    This is my first too and I'm now 31wks - my antenatal classes run between weeks 34-39 so very late!! In my area this seems quite normal & most of the girls I've met through antenatal exercise classes seem to be booked on to them this late too. Let's hope all the most important stuff is covered in the first few classes! xx

  • I'm due on 28 Dec and originally I was booked in for antenatal classes in Dec that would end on 19 Dec. I politely said that I thought it was leaving it a bit late expecially if baby came early and I wanted them earlier so they changed them to November after a bit of pushing. Personally I'm glad they are over and done with now cause at least I know I can stay at home if I want to - and the chairs in the parentcraft room were damn uncomfortable and I'm sure they'd be worse now!!

    if I'd have stuck to the original dates, I'd have been starting classes at 36 weeks which to me seemed much too late. They did useful things like provide lists of stuff to pack in your bag and show you where to go if you go into hospital, and give you a list of when you should call when you go into labour...seems to me that you are better getting this info sooner rather than later!!

    if you think its too late for you personally....ask to start earlier- the worst that can happen is they can say no. Dunno what other areas are like but mine had 3 or 4 antenatal classes you had to be booked in on, plus a physio session and a breastfeeding session that you could just turn up to - so it may be worth checking if you can just turn up to any earlier classes
  • Hi,

    Yep i think this is pretty normal.
    I start mine in a few weeks and i'll be 38 weeks on the last one!
    Its shocking isn't it xxx
  • In my area you just get two classes one on the process of labour and one with the physio on back care breathing and pelvic floor exercises. You can if you want to a breastfeeding workshop which I have to say was the best bit out of the lot of it. I did mine between 32-34 weeks
  • When I had my booking appointment I was given a list of dates for the classes and we had to call and book but it was reccomended to go quite late.Ours was 2-3 hours a week for 5 weeks, we chose to go early as dp is in the forces and was ment to be going away. Its worth asking if you can go early if thats what you want xxx
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