Even though im only nearly 9 weeks preg,
i find it so uncomfortable sleeping at night! what type of maternity pillow
do you recommend? can you give me a UK website?

What do you lot do?


  • owwww i want one too, seen a few about but they are lots of money.... or am i being a stinge....
    i keep thinking ??35=pillow or ??35 =new shoes (that I could definitely get by without)

    so yeah, me and wantbaby need to know where to get them from.... i guess i will have to give in and PAY for it, as having difficulty now!
  • Mothercare (chk online catalogue), Ebay, Blooming Marvelous (online catalogue), Babies r Us (chk online catalogue).
  • Thanks Amanda

    Mothercare is one at ??39.99 and one at ??19.99..... I know which one I shall go for ..... or maybe I should just knit one....?

    ta xxx
  • No prob! I must admit, I nicked my dh pillow when I was pg with my 4th!!! It does help a lot, espec as u get bigger - the support is wonderful and use it between ur knees to help hip and joint pain!
  • Oh, and just to say, knitting is no substitute hun.........hehehehehehe
  • having said that, blooming marvellous have a good selection and i have just found a code for getting 10% off on spends of ??30 or more

    Code - BMD4

    follow link....
  • lol about the knitting... boo, it would be so much cheaper. OH asked great gran to knit a pushchair, but i thought it would get smelly when wet!!
  • I brought a V shaped pillow from a company on ebay. Its really comfy and they sent me a cover for it too, only thing was they got my order mixed up and they accidentally sent me 2! I emailed them and they said not to worry, keep it! So now I have 2 but keeping one aside for feeding.
  • I just use a spare pillow and put that between my knees and slightly under my bump, saved a fortune by doing that so I could spend the ??30 or so on some baby clothes.
  • Hi ladies, i use an ordinary pillow too, it really has helped since about 12 weeks.

    Joanna 33+1
  • Hi, I got the 'maternity and breastfeeding support pillow' from Blooming Marvellous ??39.99. Its the best money I've spent so far - it makes sleeping soooo comfortable - I hardly wake at all now. I've even gone from getting up 3/4 times to have a wee in the night - to only once.
    It not only supports your back, it also supports your growing bump and also between your legs. Honestly - I've never had such good sleep!
    Really really recommend it!
  • ijust use an extra pillow for my tum and a little scatter cushion between my knees xx
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