Anyone get pregnant on clomd?


Someone in llttc suggested i ask in here.

Iv been ttc for 30 months now and only just started on clomid (1st month).
I have very random/irregular cycles and had my 12 day scan today and told there wasnt much happening, got to go back in few days to see if things any further along.

I just wondered if anyone had similar experience on clomid & what happened next?

Was it better 2nd mnth, did you try something else, did they up the dose?

Im stressing a bit as had to take pills to bring on AF so could start the clomid & might have to wait 3/6/12 months for next vist from AF

L xx


  • i was ment to be starting this but then had a miracle. but my 2 sisters concieved on it. one sister got pregant from it after the first cycle but the other sister it took 5 cycles on the stronger dose to concieve.

    i'm also a clomid baby!

    sorry if this isnt any help but good luck
  • Hi - I was given clomid but actually conceived before I took it and didn't know! I was given tables to bring on my AF and I got pregnant while taking them! I did a pregancy test just before I started on my first cycle but it was negative, the pregnancy hormone must have been really weak to detect. It was a miricle because I didn't actually have a period. Think it helped that I relaxed, as I knew I had 6 cycles of clomid to take and something was being done. Try and relax - it will happen for you. I thought it would take me ages to catch but I'm now 19+4 weeks pregnant.
  • hiya
    i have had 2 sons using clomid. my 1st i fell on the second cycle of the single tablet and my second son i had 4 single cycles and it wasnt working so they upped the dose to 2 tablets and i fell on that cycle.
    when your taking the clomid it should give you a 28 day cycle as it did everytime i took it and i normally have my period every 7-8 weeks.
    sometimes it takes a while for the follicules to get bigger and show up on the scan as i had the same thing.
    when they get bigger do you know if you will have an injection to release the egg or are they gonna let it ovulate on its own? i had injection everytime but i know someone elses hospital didnt give her anything to release her egg
    hope this has helped you. feel free to ask anything else
    vicky xx

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  • Thanks for the replies,

    Its nice to know it does work. Just getting stressy that its never going to happen.

    & re the injecting to force ovuation - they havnt mentioned it yet so i guess its just a case of wait & see! Have another scan thursday so fingers crossed there mnight be some change.

    Thankyou xx
  • hopefully they will have grown!!! good luck xx
  • I have a little girl from using clomid and I am pregnant again from using it.

    With my little girl I was on 50mg, and on my 3rd month I became pregnant.

    This time I used 100mg and fell pregnant the first month of using it.

    I hope you get the sucess we all have had from using it

  • Thankyou very much - Just hoping im just being slow at ovulating.

    Did they track you at first? to see if you were starting to ovulate from the clomid?

    I guess i just have to have faith it WILL work image thanks again, feeling more positive now.. xx
  • i had regular internal scans each cycle to see how things were progressing. then the doc decided when i would have injection. with my second son when i was on 100mg i actually had to wait until day 19 in my cycle before the follicules were big enough to release.
    really hope it works for you. just remember.....never give up hope xx
  • do you remember if your first one showed much activity or did it take 2-3+ cycles to see it start working? Really praying theres more showing on thursday. Feel alot better about it today though,
    Being positive, It will happen it will happen! : )

    Thankyou xx
  • with my 1st son it showed activity i just didnt fall pregnant and then i fell on the 2nd cycle. trying to fall with my 2nd son was a lot more difficult as my pcos had got a lot worse so when i was on the lower dose 50mg my ovaries werent responding and nothing was happening thats why they put my dose up.

    i know its really difficult but try to adopt the attitude if it happens it will you probably already know if ur stressed your body reacts differently.
    hope thursday brings good news. xx
  • Thanks thats really good to hear.
    Really appreciate the reply. Do feel alot more relaxed over it now.

    Thankyou! xx
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