Our Milk's Colour?

hiya Girls!

not really leaking but if i have a squeeze i can get some out lol first few times it was clear and now about a week later its slightly yellowish? I just thought it would be white? what colour is it meant to be?

sounds such a stupid question.. also I have thrush *blushes* can you get that in your boobies or just mouth and down below? I only have it down below!

mwah! x




  • I don't know the answers, sorry. But how can you get anything out of your boobs at all? I'm 34+6 and there's nothing except a huge pair of veiny boobs. Admittedly I didn't squeeze too much cos it felt a bit weird but how come you can and I can't?!
  • Don't worry its just colostrum it's normally a bright yellow/orange colour. It contains everything needed for your baby's immunity. After a few days of breast feeding the colostrum goes and you get your milk flow - which is white. You're normal and don't have trush in you boobies lol!! x x x


  • lol I was in the car with OH driving and felt needle pricks in my boobies and just thought 'oh my milk is coming in' I nearly pulled my boobies out of my top then and there sitting in the car... lol fishing around to find my nipple till oh asked what I was doing...

    when I got home.. had a bath and decided to have a squeeze... admittidly years ago a friend of mine was pregnant and asked me to keep her company in the bathroom lol she told me to squeeze her boobie which i did and milk flew out lol it's been a running joke that i milked her since! I think she was about 7 months and i'm not far off that so just thought id give it a go...

    lol OH is amused at the idea of me having milk and calls it nipple feeding because he forgets breat feeding... i keep threating to put it in his tea! lol

    although I don't quite get enough out to reeeeaaallly do it.... yet! haha only a tiny amount but defo milk... it's just it's changing colour from clear now so wondered if it was okay...

    sheesh! lol always something to worry about! xxx
  • oh thanks lol was a bit worried cause it was yellowish not bright but yellowish all the same lol xx


  • hello, it can be both clear and yellowish both is normal. I started leaking slightly about 3 weeks ago. I ahve had to buy washable breast pads as when i got changed i noticed marks on my bra. I also dont want the embarassment of finding wet patches on my work clothes!
    My oh tells me off for playing with my nipples if he ever sees me look to see if nipples are leaking. Im not of course! Just wondering if the nipples should be encouraged to leak or not. If that makes sense!
  • I am not leaking enough for it to be a problem but was wondering when i am can you run out of that clostium (first bit) before baby comes? x
  • I don't actually leak but if I squeeze my nipples I can get quite a lot of milk out. It's weird but hey, nipple stimulation meant to encourage labour y'know! Hope this means I'll have a good supply whilst BF...but never leak...Have bought breast pads just in case.

    I have found the 'milk' to be clear with bits of white in it. I think that yellow is normal too though.


  • Nope you can't run out of colostrum, although it's probably better not to spend too much time trying as, like Tigerlily says, tweaking your nipples can trigger labour! You can get thrush on your nipples but the symptoms are white patches that don't go away. You usually only get it if you are actually breastfeeding and you normally find white patches in lo's mouth as well so it is one to watch out for.
  • My boobs are leaking too, just a bit. Exactly the same it started clear but now is a strong yellow colour.
    My oh has told me off for squeazing them too as hes worried I'll run out!
  • Aw - I want leaky boobs as well - I keep having a play with them and nothing! It's not fair waaaahhhh.....
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