scan in a few hours.

Hi everyone! Arghhh, ive got my scan this afternoon, really nervous.
At first i was just nervous because of the bloods (im not a huge fan of needles) but thats sort of gone now, and im a little worried about the scan! Honestly, why couldnt they do it first thing in the morning, ive had buttrflies since the moment i woke up, i cant eat! oooohhh!


  • Hi

    I'm sure you'll be fine, i am the worlds biggest baby when it comes to needles but just close my eyes and think of something else.

    I am still waiting for my appointment to come through.

    Hope it all goes ok

  • hi is it your first scan? good luck its great to see your baby first time xxx
  • thanks girls, im feeling a bit less nervous! god help me in the hospital though, hope they dont keep people waiting 2 long!Lol!
    Airlie bird, when i was waiting for mine, i kept forgetting i was pregnant, i received the letter and thought oh yeah, its seemed a bit more real since! lol.
    hayleys1, Well i had a scan at 5/6 weeks but it was literally like a kidney bean, you could just see the shape and its heartbeat making it jump up and down, im14 weeks now, and am hoping itll be quite clear. xx
  • well good luck hun and keep us posted! xxx
  • Hope all goes well for you today hun.....I got my scan today aswell and starting to feel a little anxious...just trying to drink loads of water without going to the toilet!!!xx

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  • Hi ladies,

    Good luck with the scans, you will be blown away its such an amazing thing to see.

    Dont do what I done and drink too much water before you go. I drank too much and was in terrible pain with an overfilled bladder, had to let some out which was hard, then had to let out more as the sonographer couldnt see a thing through my bulging bladder.

  • Thanks for the tip Denise....I've had 3 water infections during my pregnancy so trying to keep it in is painful so think I'll take your advice and not over do it!!!

    Your scan pic is amazing....starting to get excited now...taking my 4 year old step son with me and he is very excited!!!

  • You will have your scan pic up here soon.

    My only complaint about my scan was that it wasnt long enough, I could have watched bubba for hours. We dont get 20 week scans where I live so the 12 week one is all I have.

  • good luck with your scan i was 13weeks at my 1st scan and it was so clear so yours should be to , good luck let us know how it goes hun xx

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