implatation or af

hi all just wondering if any of you already preggers had implantation bleeding and did it see like af. or did you have period only to find you was pregnant


  • Hi, I had implantation bleeding with my first son, but not with this one. I had v light bleeding for about a day and a half, before I got the bfp- it seemed like spotting, rather than af xx
  • hi, just thought I'd tell you I had implantation bleeding with my first 2 babies - with my first I was convinced it was actually af and gave up hope of ttc for that month! Tested 7 days later (thinking, hang on, this doesn't feel quite like af after all!) and got bfp. Hope its all ok for you xx
  • Hi,

    I didnt realise it at the time as I thought AF was on her way but I had implantation bleeding - I thought it was just a prerequisite to my af showing but then I realised 2 weeks later that it hadnt shown and took a test and found out I was pregnant ! I just assumed I had a really long cycle - DOH !

    But from what i've seen of other ladies on here who gets their bfps it seems very few do actually have implantation bleeding - I think SB has said it perfectly. Its talked about alot so seems common but isnt actually.
  • i got implantation twice- first time i was gutted as thought it was AF i even used a tampon i was sure! anyway a week later i was getting brown discharge and was spotty i tested and BFP!! sadly this ended in a MC.

    month later same thing happend- i was waiting for first AF after MC and got all excited thinking it was AF as was quite heavy and a bit stringy (sorry TMI) i was a bit more aware this time so kept away from the tampons- a day later nothing happened i didnt have any more bleeding or discharge, just really bad AF cramps. anyway 2 days later i thought bugger it i'll test, bought an ASDA own and it came up straight away with 2 thick lines-BFP i couldnt believe it!
    26 weeks & 4 days later i still cant believe it sometimes!
    so good luck and dont always assume bleeding is your AF you just never know!!

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