Help with Girls Names-know subj been asked before but stuck!

Well, we always said even before DS1 if we had a baby girl we would call her Katie Mia. But lovely DS1 and cutie DS2 came along and we called them C and K so do you think it will sound silly having three kiddywinks with a K sounding name?

Other names we like are Samantha, did like Elise but not sure if gone off that now, hubby likes Nicole. Even resorted to asking DS1 (nearly 5 years) what he likes - changes on a daily basis = he's so funny it's just sinking in it's going to be a girl (little sister) when we told him it was a girl baby he said yes, but it's a boy!!!! Lots of good ones have gone - nieces / friends have...

I want to have a traditional english rose type name (she says) but I don't like ones like Grace, Imogen etc. Soooo stuck - we didn't have this much trouble with naming our other two boys....

Help anyone got any suggestions - quite like S sounding ones....


e.d.d 4th July


  • What about Rose (cos you say you like English rose!)?!!
    Nicole is nice and quite different, i think. 3 k names is ok if you and hubby are happy - it's your family and your choice.
    As you like S friend chose Sophia which i think is really pretty.
    HTH Good luck choosing!
  • Hi, Katie is a lovely name. I have 2 daughters and they are called Lillie and Rubi-Mai x
  • Im having a little girl and plan to call her Ava Rose however i like Madisyn and Sienna for back ups.

    I like Kaelyn too but havent decided if she will be having her fathers surname and Kaelyn Kemp sound a bit naff image xx
  • Thanks peeps - Rose is very pretty but doesn't go with our R Surname - Sienna is pretty but we know a little girl similar name and Sophie and Sophia is nice too but we know a Sophie twice... LOL - Kaelyn's different melissa87 ... I love K names...
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