Another Friday Night!

Hi girls,
Be warned this post contains lots of moaning. Im sat here bored sh**less again on a friday night, my toddler is in bed, my oh is at his stupid band practise till gon 11 and im left here on my own. Its not that i mind my oh having a hobby, but I hardly c him during the week coz he works in liverpool (we live in manchester), so hes up and out early every morning and by the time he gets home were both ready for bed. By the time friday comes i feel like iv not seen him all wk, he gets home from work packs up his band stuff n off he goes from 6.30-11.45(ish). Then i usually work the wkends and im beginning to feel like we are leading different lives. I know he loves me and every wk i ask him if he has to go, or if he can re-arrange, but nothing ever happens. So here i am surfing the internet again! It wudnt be so bad if i wasnt always left with the baby (i love him 2 bits) but i need a break too!!!! (i cnt even have a bath in peace). Anyway I cud sit here typing and complaining all night but i wnt bother coz its just winding me up. Hope all ur evenings are more eventful than myn, n hope all mums and bumps are well. Kerry xxx


  • Hi Kerry! Nothing exciting happening with me either. Sat watching Soaps recorded from earlier. Just got 2 year old to bed -he didn't want to give in tonight. Just enjoying the peace while I can! Love Rachel XXX
  • pretty boring here too, got lil un to bed just gotta convince the big uns early nights r good, even at the weekends! then i can go to bed image
    rachel u lucky thing! i cant remember wat peace and quiet is,lol xx
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