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morning sickness has gone is this a good or bad sign??

Im currently 9+3 and my morning sickness has just vanished. I had it between week 6-8 but now it has cleared up. I have read that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy so now i am a little worried something has happened. I had major sickness when pregnant with my daughter from week 6-42 so im very shocked mine has gone this quickly. I still have sore breasts and need to pee alot though. Somedays i feel pregnant and others i dont. I have my 12 week scan booked for 22nd and im hoping its not bad news. Has anyone else's morning sickness just vanished over night so early on?? Han x


  • I was worried I wasn't having any MS then I had it really bad one afternoon at 7 weeks and a mate texted me saying 'that's good, shows you have nice strong pregnancy hormones'. I had two more afternoons that week of feeling sick then it just went so I was convinced something was wrong and was so nervous when it came to our scan. But everything was fine and I'm 20 weeks now and can feel baby kicking away.
    Isn't it silly how we'd feel better with our head down the loo?!
    Every pregnancy is different though so try not to worry, especially since you are having other symptoms.
  • well for me, i didnt suffer with MS, but had constant nausea from weeks 7-10 i think , then it just cleared up. A scan showed that everything is fine. all i have suffered with since is indigestion, heartburn etc!!

    im sure everything is fine

    best of luck

  • I also have no morning sickness and hardly any symptoms apart from sore boobs! I know how you're feeling, roll on week 12!! x
  • Hello I had terrible sickness from weeks 6-8 and like you at 9 weeks it suddenly stopped. I was so worried and even went to my G who reassured me all was okay.
    At week 10 it came back, not as bad and only briefly and went again. Im now 12+2 and touchwood it seems to have kept it's distance. Had my scan yesterday and confirmed all was well.

    Im sure you have nothing to worry about hon x
  • i hate it when they put it in black and white that MS is a sign of a healthy pregnancy,what utter tosh!!! my first pregnancy i had really bad MS but my last pregnancy i had nothing and i was having twins and i read that when your having twins that you should get every symptoms and times it by a million,so i was worried sick but i have a healthy 8 month boy and girl so what does that tell ya image

  • i've had no MS at all and the midwife said that it was completely normal and to make the most of it!! My mum and sister also had no MS so it must be in the genes image

  • i wouldn't worry i have had 24/7 nausea from 5 weeks PG and i noticed one morning that it had gone but only for one day lol sickness comes and
    gos, with my son i didn't have any symptoms, every pregnancy is different.x


  • Hey hun i wouldn't worry about it. Mine vanished about 2 weeks ago, i was concerned and rung mw and she said it's just cos my body has gotten used to all the crazy new hormones.

  • I'm the same as Sunshine254. No sickness at all, and my mum and sister did not get it either. I am 19 weeks tomorrow and everything has been fine so far.

    I wonder whether people say sickness = healthy pregnancy so the people who *are* having sickness feel better about it?? If I was really sick but was told that sickness = healthy pregnancy then I would not mind the sickness as much at all! (does that make sense?!)

  • hey i was pretty much exactly the same as u. i had nausea but not actual sickness at the same times as u.
    started around 6 weeks and stopped around 9 weeks.
    im now 15+2 and pregnancy is fine so try not to worry it doesnt always mean disaster
  • My morning sickness stoped at 8 weeks and my boobs arnt saw anymore, had a scan at 8 weeks due to my age I'm 43 and the heart beat was very very slow, I'm due to go back in a few days for aother scan has anyone else had this happen and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy, I'm out my mind with worry, all I can do is hope.
  • I'm glad to see other peoples with the same worries as me. Ive spent the last few weeks struggling through long days at work, tired and sick and the last few days Ive felt almost perfectly normal! - albiet everyone i come across mentions how pale and sickly i look, but really i feel fine now - My first scan in next week and I'm getting myself into a hot mess worrying about the scan.

    I'm convinced when I go everything will all go wrong and be a nightmare! I relaly hope what people are saying is true and that its just a blessing my sickness has gone instead of the worst case scenario image


    tearing my hair out!

  • Hiya 9 weeks pregnant, and been suffering with really bad sickness, yet the last 2 days not been sick? still feeling sick now n then but no sickness, rly worried, image

  • Had non stop nausea from week 6 I'm now 9+1 am it suddenly stopped yesterday I'm so concerned I hope babies ok ????

  • Hey I'm new here. Feeling concerned too. I fell on the stairs at 6 weeks because of a stupid vacuum Cleaner incident. Had an early scan and they found a healthy baby with a heartbeat. Phew, right? The nausea came in thick and fast but it's 9 weeks today and boom, just like that, I feel normal. It's got me seriously on edge. image 

  • I wouldn't think it is anything to worry about mine stopped at 9 weeks aswell for 2 days then came back with vengeance and then stopped for a whole week and came back again I'm 14 weeks now and everything is fine ??? enjoy feeling good for a day or 2 as it may return, hope this helps put your mind at ease x

  • Hi I know this an old thread but I too am experiencing loss of symptoms at 9 + 3. I only had a scan 4 days ago and everything was fine, but I'm worried again! I know I'm being a complete nutter, but I'm going for a private scan in 2 days to check. That will be my third scan..... oh dear! I would do anything to have the nausea of 2 days ago back. How I'm going to make it through to the end without having a complete breakdown - I dont know!

    i would buy a Doppler but I have a retroverted uterus so I doubt I would be able to hear anything.

    hope everyones situation worked out, I'll post back the results of my scan.

  • Hi I also experienced this at around the same stage as you, and too was worried. However my sickness returned exactly a week later and I have had it ever since and I am now 29 + 4 😷 it's different for everyone but I was told not to worry when it stopped and that I was lucky for it to be so soon. Sure everything will be fine and don't be too suprised if it returns. Hope this helps put your mind at ease until your scan xx

  • I know this is an old thread, but just Incase someone runs into it like I did.. 
    I’m 9 wks and 4 days, MS just suddenly went away for me as well. My last pregnancy ended in MC though, at about 8 wks and I can tell you there was quite a bit of cramping— like BAD cramping the last few days of my pregnancy, and ALOT of blood, like on my period but worse. Soo if your not having Cramping and bleeding together— you are probably fine. I have even had a bit of bleeding and cramping during this pregnancy so far; but I just had a scan 2 days ago and everything was fine. I just keep telling myself as long as bleeding and cramping don’t come at the SAME TIME everything is probably fine. 
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