is it bad???

Hi Ladies,

This is tmi i am sorry - but i am bit worried - just went to the loo and there was quite a bit of brown discharge - and have slight period like pains - i am 8+6 - i know there is nothing i can do - but should i panic! x


  • brown is probably nothing to worry about hun as its not fresh. But I would get it checked just for your own peace of mind

    Hope all is ok
    Lisa xxx
  • thanks lilac
  • if your worried always ring mw. But red blood is the worry. I've bled through out my pregnancy and my lil pink bump is fine still. image
  • I would call your MW hun just to ease your mind but a lot of women have had this. As Lilac says it would be around this time your AF would come and so I think it's just your body.

    k XX

  • thanks everyone - you know what it is like - bit of a shock and you think awful things straight away! x
  • hi woody i had this wiv 2 of my pgs and it lasted around 4 days and the mw said it woz just old blood!yuk! so try not worry huni!!
    luv clare]
  • thank you again girls - you have really set my mind at ease xx
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