i'm back and smiling! re: 'lack of movement' post

you may have seen my post yesterday, well I took your advice and badgered the hospital again. I explained that I had hardly felt the baby move in 5 days and the midwife told me to come in immediately.

to cut a long story short, they hooked me up to a monitor and gave me a quick ultrasound as they were concerned that at no point during my pregnancy has the placenta been sited - apparently this could be a main cause of why the baby wasnt moving and should have been done at my 20 weeks scan - almost 7 weeks ago!

well, Im pleased to say that the baby is fine, but they tested my urine and found protein, ketone and blood traces so are keeping an eye on me.

They advised me to record at least 10 movements a day and if I thought something was up again, I was just to come straight back to hospital.

The baby has kicked a few times this morning, so my count has started.

thank you for all your advice!




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