Back and Hip pain

Hi guys

Does anyone have any suggestions for hip and back pain during the night. Im 30 weeks gone and havnt had a decent nights sleep all week and pillows just are'nt helping. Im shattered, and have had the crappiest day, rowed with OH whos now upstarts sulking and I just want to sit and cry


  • hi bhrolachain
    sorry i can help didn't want to read an run an just wanted let you know that your not alone, ive had a lousy night sleep for a week come mon and its due to back and hip pain as well as cramps in the top of my legs, but this only sometimes, my oh has got me a big pillow thingy and it does help but only with the cramps and getting bump cumfy but haven't found anything to help with hips an back as yet, hope you get some sleep soon, xxx

  • Hi, im pretty much in pain all the time with my back. Ive got pillows all around me in bed. Ive got the body pillow (bolster) behind me for my back and the wedge support pillow for my bump. It does help a bit but not much. I also get my oh to give me a back rub before I go to bed, which does get on his nerves as times. Sorry I cant help.
  • im feeling your pain, i just cant sleep its like a someones punched me in the hips and theyve gone dead but the bones and the top of my mini and the ligaments between my legs feel like theyre rippin apart.ive been taking two paracetemol at night just to get to sleep and then again at 2am when its worn off. im going to ask MW on thursday if i can buy some sort of cream like that ibrobufen stuff. im only 22 weeks cannot cope with this all the way through. i get so angry and stressed out. xx
  • Thanks guys

    I should probably count myself lucky that its only kicking in now and not earleir. Ive now ordered one of those support pillows off the internet so Ill have to see how that goes.

    Artygal, I cant believe your getting this so early, I think Id have killed someone by now if I was in your shoes. I know what you mean by being so angry and stressed, Im snapping at anyone who comes near me. Its kinda funny actually, I did pregnant women everywhere no favours yesterday when I nearly took the head off a bar man for giving me cream with a coffee after Id asked him for milk (end of the world stuff).
    Its like you expect everyone to know when your uncomfortable and knackered and they should know better than to antagonise you. Whats happened to peoples mind reading skills these days!!
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