Bit of a random question but....

Has anyone else been wondering about how they will have time to get themselves ready on a morning with a bambino. I keep thinking i should grow my hair long so thta it can be tied up when im in a rush but people tell me that its easy to get ready with a baby! lol

Random topic i know but what do you all think, shall i keep my hair short where i HAVE to wash and style each ay or grow it and be done with it!!!




  • Hey hunny!
    I've definately been thinking about this!!!
    My hair was very high maintenance. I had to colour it every 2-3 weeks to keep the purpley/pink colour fresh. I have now gone back to Dark chocolate brown as I know I just wont have the time to faff about doing it that often. I've also been growing it for a while now to get it to a length where I can just shove it up if I don't have time to do it but still got lots of choppy layers so it still looks nice down.
    I suppose it depends on each person really, I just know that i'll end up getting stressed with a high maintenance style and colour as to be honest it did my head in doing it so often without a baby so with one i'd probably have ended up pulling it all out.
    It will be interesting to see what everyone else thinks.
  • Its at that 'in between' stage at the moment so i am dying to get it chopped off nice and fresh, but god will i be able and be bothered to do this everyday when baby is here, i just dont know, i have mine couloured blonde about every 4 weeks, (natural auburn hair) and it drives me mad, aerrrrgghhhh im feeling all indecisive! xx
  • i know how you feel hunn i take ages every day doing my hair and started growing it at xmas so i could just put it up when i feel like it as i have to get me baby and 2 girls ready and breakfast for half 8 every day so deffo wont have time to faff lol
    claire x
  • Ladies you will find time, I was wondering about this when I was pregnant last time and I have high maintance hair (its longish and has a terrible wave in it which I have to straighten all the time).
    Your little bundle of joy will either be sleeping or lying wathcing you. My little girl loved the sound of the hairdryer, I used to bring her into my bedroom and lay her on my bed and she would go to sleep.

    Unless there was somewhere I had to be in the morning, I never rushed some days I stayed in my PJ's. I wasnt worried about my hair and how I looked.

    AnneMarie xx
  • Babies sleep a lot anyway so I'm sure we'll be able to fit it in. I'm looking forward to adjusting my routine for baby!
    Although, I was thinking about having my hair cut shorter but I realised its so much easier longer because I've got wavy hair I could just scrunch it and leave it.

  • trust me as a mum to 3 soon to be 4 you will find the time as xkelx said you will find a way to adjust yor routine with the baby you will be surprisd how quickly as well x

    chloe 36+5
  • Hi Newlook, I thought long and hard about this before TTC but mainly from a cost point of view!
    I also have naturally auburn hair which I used to dye blonde every 5 weeks, it was getting in rubbish condition and I was sick of having to go so often and it was costing a fortune so I went dark in Nov and love it!

    Ive also kept it in a shortish bob which is really quick to do in the morning. Like you I have to wash it every day and it needs straightening but I find it easier shorter plus being dark is saving me a fortune, I only go about every 2 months now which is great.

    Claire xx
  • Lol wonderful topic. my Lo is four months and i think i have straightened my hair three times since he was born...i didnt wear make up for two months! If you want to then im sure you will find time, just maybe not first thing but during morning nap?I still have pj days quite regulary!

  • lol JJ is 6 months and my hair has been straightened about 5 times and that was by my mum (my hair is completely uncontrollable)!! i just get up, brush it and tie it up! i've only wore makeup about 3 times in 6 months but really don't care what u look like!! ahhh us poor mummies!! x
  • ive got medium/long hair and i dont think its any easier than short to be honest. i still have to wash it everyday and then put it up, normaly needs straightened too as its terribly frizzy and kinky. BUT you do find the time with a baby, ive always done my hair make up if im going out and just had tegan next to me on her playmat or bouncer and she was happy, now she stands with me and does her own hair lol xxx
  • I wouldn't expect to be able to have time at the beginning but when you get into the swing of things you will be fine. I used to pop Neve in her cot with her mobile on and some other things to look at and was able to shower, do my skincare routine and style my hair.

    However now that she is a toddler I do everything but the make up the night before!
  • I'm always changing my hair but definatly keeping it short for when baby is here ! my hair is thick and wavy when long and takes forever to dry! short is quicker for me i'm booked in to get it mega short two weeks before my due date!!
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