getting pregnant while bf

I was just wondering if any of you ladies got pregnant while bf! and before your periods had returned. Im still bf my lo whos 10mths and had 1st small period nearly 2wks ago so its hard to work out when ill be ovulating as not sure if periods are back for good or if its a 1 off! x


  • oh my does that mean you are or you aren't preg again? oo00oo thats a lil scary lol
  • Hi Debz, not pregnant yet but trying! Just waiting for the right time. How are you and bump coming along, how many wks are you now? Debs x
  • i'm 23 weks tomoro bump kicking crap poutta me woke me up and kept me awake at 3-5 b4 allowing me an hours repreave b4 alarm image so not fair lol eating lots of sugar to keep me awake lol even though baby doesn't like it lol

    your trying so early? lol i mentioned to OH about trying straight after this one so i can't get over pain and have to go throught it again and he looked like he'd have a heart attack then started to rant about stuff lol there are pros and cons to it lol but i thought whilst body still going with the SPD and sciatica get the last one done or i'd get used to no pain then start the pain again image
  • Glad to hear your both well. Its great when they are so active even if they do keep you awake! At least you know everything is ok. Matthew is 10mths now so will be nearly 2yrs if it happens, im 41 tomorrow so i dont have time on my side anymore. take care, ill let you know if it happens. xx
  • hi debbie. oh my god, thats it my hubby will have to give into me for another one!!! lol. hope it happens for you. we talk about it every nown again. would love another one. my eldest was 10 months when we fell pregnant with our second and he was 18 months when oliver was born. i was still b/feeding at the time we fell with our second but i did come off the mini pill to have him and had one period then i was pregnant straight away. good luck keep me
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