its not right? or nice!

hi all im 31+3 and all day today i have felt really uncomfortable. i have had period pains most of the day and cant get comfy. also when the baby moves it hurts "down there" i have back ache like when you due a period. i cant remember if this was normal last time at this stage. i am on my feet alot with my son who is a bundle of 18 month old energy!

feels like im constipated but im def not! anyone else experience this?


  • I did and was told that it was just Braxton Hicks and ligament pain from everything growing... I worried I was in prem labour but the midwife must have been right as I am now overdue! I got them more when I was on the go which you obviously are! Don't think it's anything to worry about.
  • i have had some cramps the last couple of weeks. nothing that lasts very long so didnt worry. put it down to doing too much and being at work.
    mention it to your mw if you are worried hun, maybe they'll give you a little check over. take it baby is moving ok?
    Take care
    Filo x
  • hi
    thanks yeah bubs is moving fine but very low down not getting many kick as such but i have been v busy today. best way to describe it is like baby is scratching me down there from inside. def not braxton hicks i get them alot too. will keep eye on it its not nice makes me wince and flinch which unnerves people lol! xxx
  • Could you try ringing NHS Direct or Delivery Suite at your local Hospital, just to discuss your symptons and put your mind at rest. I'm sure everything is fine, but would be reassuring for them to tell you. Otherwise maybe speak to your community midwife tomorrow.

    Bec x
  • im now convinced bubs ahs moved down. the movements are much lower! i can sit comfy without it in ribs! well heres hoping its not lying across eh? xx
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