Terrible Backache

Hi I estimate that I'm about 6 weeks on Saturday. I'm experiencing terrible lower backache. Has anyone ever experienced this in the early days, will it get better, I don't think i could cope with this throughout the whole pregnancy. Neither can my OH, his expression was "how could you have backache already! :roll:


  • yep have had horrendous sciatica for most of my pregnancy still get it now. i'm 11+6 and get it randomly when moving.
  • Oddly enough I got it in early days too when I was only about 5 weeks! Don't know why! It doesn't get any better, particularly if you've got a job where you stand or sit all day
    19+3 x x x

  • I got really bad sciatica and backache throughout the whole of my first pregnancy and am experiencing dull backache and achy hips a lot this time round. I found that walking about when sciatica pain kicked in helped a little - I used to wake in the night with it and had to hop out of bed and walk about to get it to stop. Is horrible!!!
  • I experienced this too, i think its coz the pregnancy hormones are relaxing everything ready for your body to be able to grow with baby. So if all your muscles and joints are abit more relaxed they are more suseptable to aches and pains. I found moving positions and stretching out helpful but my friend was it that much pain she couldn't even manage that. Hope it gets better for you. Kerry xxxxxxx
  • thanks guys. It's awful when I'm standing doing the cooking and housework. It's all in the lower back and hips. I tried to explain this to OH that it's probably cause of my hormones and my body preparing
  • The only logical answer is to pass over the responsibility for housework and cooking to oh - make him do some work!!!
    I give my husband a list of all the jobs that need doing and demand he does them! I tell him what I want for dinner when he arrives home and then I nag him till he gives me a backrub! Think he might be regretting our decision to have a baby now...well if you can't be demanding and unreasonable in pregnancy when can you eh? Besides, who is it who will most likely do the vast majority of the work when baby arrives?!?
  • true! that probably explains his look of horror when I told him I was getting backache, he knew it his him who has to do the work lol!! Nine months holiday for me!!
  • lol my oh is whinging and griping about cooking all the time but as he was happy to point out who will be home all the time when baby is here and till they go to school so why should he have to cook then when i'm at home all the time and have to feed the baby as well. grrrrrrrrrrrr at him told him to carry the baby instead of me and see how he copes with the pains and weight and hormones!
  • Too right!!! If my husband complains I usually muster up some tears and explain how much me and my body are going through and how all I ask is for is some support in my time of need! Works a treat...he feels so guilty that he cooks something nice (rather than microwave meals) and pops to the shop to get me some chocolate!!! Sorted!
  • lmao mine gets me choc but baby doesn't like lots of it image his meals are always waffles beans and sausage or burgers image he ends up eating most of mine too as baby doesn't enjoy that type of meal lol
  • I have to say that my husbands culinary skills are not up to much - when he's being particularly considerate I get oven chips and turkey drummers and very occasionally, he'll even manage to heat up some sweetcorn!!! rest of the time I get microwave blasted lasagne or similar. But it sure beats me having to slave away over a hot stove!!!
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