losin my mind again??

I went xmas shoppin yesterday and have nearly finished, in the last shop i went in i remember payin for the gifts but i dont remember what i did with my wallet!!! oh says he remembers seein it when we got back in the car but i honestly cant remember anything past payin in the last shop!!!!! i have turned the house upside down, searched the most stupid places, ie the oven, fridge (just incase lol) and still cant find it!!! I dont mind so much about the money that was in it, its all my photos and little personal things i like to keep with me, and the fact that it was a prezzy from my mum makes it worse too!!! She bought it for me the day after i told her i was pg and bought me a hospital bag to match!!!

I just feel so useless, its not the first time ive done it and im startin to think im losin the plot!!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:

[Modified by: Becki_K on 06 December 2007 09:50:35 ]


  • call the shop and see if its been handed in or the police and ask if its been handed in hun.would say back track but its hard next day. don't fret too much as your not the only one who forgets or blanks out usually coz i'm so exhausted and oh doesn't want to go home just yet image
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