Anybody else eating LOADS of chocolate?

I have always been overweight and had an addiction to chocolate.
I am trying to be helathy and eating good meals in between, fish, chicken, carbs, dairy etc but inbetween meals I cannot stop.
I have already eaten 4 choccie biccies, a two finger mint kit kat, a packet of monster munch and a mars bar thismorning. As well as my OJ and weetabix with sugar.
I will have a cheese sandwich and banana and quavers for lunch but will prob end up eating fish for dinner with veg and then 2/3 cadburys creme eggs.

Other than my weight, is this really bad for the baby?
I am so hungry all the time and craving crisps, biscuits and choc like never before.

Anybody else eating as much as me?
Pls help!!!


  • lol well i went like zoey for the last 3 months but i seemed to returned to choc but only certain types like M&M's and twix mars which i used to love and now dislike... my main worry is as i'm getting tested for GTT due to size lol
  • I have to come into this forum just to get away from the fridge and the buscuit tin! Im on a packet of day of chocolate digestives I have found a packet for 27p asda smart price!!! And also im the first one to moan when the easter eggs come out on boxing day but i think ive had at least one maybee two cad creme eggs since new years day. Im just so bored its something to do. Myfriend is due any minute for a cup of tea hurrah i can get the chocolate out again !
  • I'm like Zoey. I was a massive chocoholic before I got pregnant now I can't stand the stuff! Today is the first day I haven't actually thrown up and so I haven't been eating loads of anything. I'm hoping at 17 weeks the morning (all day) sickness is finally passing! xxxx

  • Ooooh I know how you feel! I crave chocolate like mad. If there aren't biscuits in the house I end up making my own!

    Can't say what my favourite type of choccie is as I love them all! Over christmas I went mad on the celebrations and miniature heroes but thankfully there's less chocolate around

    I'm sure it's fine for the baby, some women eat all kinds of weird things like nothing but curry for 9 months...just eat what you fancy! One thing I have noticed is I don't eat meals anymore, well I do but I have to plough through them and it's a struggle. Much prefer snacks.

    I am about 13lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight but having said that I lost weight in the 1st trimester, so I have put on more than that. I go walking several times a week with the dogs for an hour so I think thats helped keep the weight off a bit. My baby has been in a head down position for a while now and I havent had any back pain at all so I say it definitely helps.

  • This week I am totally into Rocky Bars - the ones in the gold wrapper with the chocolate, biscuit and caramel. Especially as they are on bogoff at the coop lol
    Am trying to balance this out at the mo though with loads of fruit coz found since Friday - being hypnotised and now being non-smoker!!!! - I need something to do with my hands and it would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to just eat 24/7.
    Love Lee
  • in my last pregnancy, anything unhealthy made me throw up! Just driving past mcdonalds would make me sick - it was awful!! This time is completely different. I could happily eat a fry - up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, polish it off with a nice cup of coffee (decaf!) and a huge slab of chocolate cake! It's a nightmare, i'm already overweight so i'm gonna resemble a whale by the summer! I can't help it though, i do eat lots of fruit to compensate! Also, has anyone had any weird cravings? Mine aren't weird, but i love the sharpness i get from eating pickled onions and Grapefruit! I've never liked grapefruit before, but now i can't get enough of it!
    love Lucy
  • This week i've got an addiction to mars bars which normally make me vomit! Can't get enough of them & i'm buying the duo packs so eating 2 in the one go!!
    Up until now i've been eating really healthily because the thoughts of sugary or fatty foods were turning my stomach but i'm just eating what I want when I want it & trying not to do that whole 'eating for two' thing!

    Ooooohhh mini eggs yum!!
    Lauren (33wks) xoxox
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