I know there has been lots of posts about what you need in them but my silly question is what kind of bag did you use for a maternity bag? I'm thinking from the sounds of what you need I'm gonna be going in there with a fortnights worth of luggage! They'll need a porter just to take it to the ward!

So what did you use or are planning on using? In America they have bags specifically designed to maternity!

Please help!



  • I had to use a big bag with dd, as once you get towels and nappies in etc, there isn't much room. We did leave some stuff in the car though, as you never know how long your going to be in for. You could always have two seperate, as kef120 said, one for labour/birth. One for home x x
  • Well the baby is due early may and from the past few years May has had some lovely weather so am hoping wont need snow suits but will buy one just incase and like you say can leave it with the going home stuff. The thing is we live about 30 - 40 mins from the hospital so going back if I have forgotten anything won't be to easy. When did you start to pack yours??
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