Stretching pains back at 11 weeks? Help!

Hi girls,
Well after a lovely early scan on Tuesday where I saw little bean bouncing around happily, I'm now back to worrying :roll:

Have had stretching pains (I guess that's what they are - little niggles around my belly) on and off throughout pregnancy, but in last two days they have been back a lot and I'm wondering if it's normal at 11 weeks? If so, how long did you have them?

Wish I could just relax but that's not me!!!

Thanks for any opinions xx


  • I remember I got these back with a vengence at 11 weeks and was convinced it was impending doom but I'm now 29+1 and all is fine! Really try not to worry which I know is easier said than done, but if you have no bleeding there's really no cause for concern, it more than likely is stretching pains like you say. Try to enjoy your pregnancy and before you know it you'll be over the 12 week hump and able to share your news with all your friends and family image
  • i still have them now at just over 15weeks. im sure its normal as our tummys and beans are still growing image

  • Thank you girls - that's all I needed to hear - knew I could rely on you! xx
  • Yes, same here cornetto - I think I'm doing too much at the moment - keep on walking a lot and then get the pain. Good excuse to put my feet up!
  • I had pains until about 16 weeks so its definitely normal, it won't stop you worrying but might reassure you that you're def not alone!

    Bec 27+6 x
  • i still get them occasionally and i'm 31 weeks!!
  • I started to get some pain last night after I had spent the afternoon with the friend's 7mth old daughter and lifting her up.???? I was convinced if impending doom too as they were still there this morn, but after reading this I'm a bit calmer and have put together the pain and lifting the bub.???? Thank you xx
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