water birth???

hi girlies

well im in the final stretch now, 8 weeks to go and my midwife has got me doing my birth plan.

i have never considered it before but im thinking about a water birth. im petrified of the labour and on reading about them it is sounding really good.

is anyone else having one or has anyone had one? would love to hear your opinions, and the disadvantages as im only reading the good bits.

thanks :\)



  • hi hun,id lv a water birth.Will av 2 nag my mw to do birth plan when i nxt c her as she hasnt done much with me yet!if u look on the labour and birth section theres a thread on this that i was reading yday,hanna 35 wks xx
  • Hi Kell2
    I'm of the same thinking as you I had my antenatel class this week and they were talking about water births As I would like to go as natural as poss and have no pain relief apart from gas and air I think a water birth is the way to go. although the hospital I will be going only has one pool so if someone else is in it then I can't use it.
    My big worry with it was the hygiene but I have been assured by my midwife they are very clean and are thoroughly cleaned in between patients.
    Ihave only heard good about them and don't know if anyone has had a bad experience in a birthing pool.
    I've got 8.5 weeks to go and can't wait to meet my little boy/girl.
  • I'm interested in one, what sort of pain relief can you have if you give birth in water? I'm assuming you can't use a tens machine, are you allowed pethidine or just G&A?
  • can u have a water birth if u are - blood? as i have to have anti d injections would i not be able to have a water birth? i know u have to be in perfecr health and stuff was wondering if my blood type will affect it? xx
  • i know you can have gas & air. you cant use tens tho.

    my hospital only has one pool aswell so i guess its just taking that chance that its free when you need it.

  • oh thanks zoe i really want one! xx
  • hi, iv been told il need iv antibiotics in labour as i have group b strep - can i have a water birth?xxx
  • I'm thinking about a water birth this time round as well as I had a really crappy birth last time round and I'm keen to avoid the same again! I have an appointment to be assesed by the local birth unit week after next so I'm hoping to get a bit more info then but as far as I know you aren't allowed pethadine in the pool incase it makes you drowsy. I went to my NCT refresher course the other day and one of the other mums to be had a really good water birth last time round so I think I'd definately like to give it ago.
  • Hiya
    I'm hoping to have a water birth too! Have m/w appmt on Weds, so will have a talk to her then about it! I'm not 100% sure, but think u maybe able to have pethadine too.
    There's only 1 birth pool at my hospital too, just hope its free when i need it, lol!!
    Sarah xx
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