Does anyone have dogs?

I was just wondering if anyone is pregnant and has dogs? anyone with a lo and a dog?

How do you cope? We have 2 greyhounds which is handy because they're 100mph couch potatoes :lol: But they still need looking after.....! And also what about when I go into labour? Were thinking of ringing the kennels we use for boarding and asking them to keep a kennel free (they share) during my 2 week window, but thats useless if I start in the night, if I do start in the night they can't be left on their own the following day. Oh family who are close aren't dog orientated and my family who are, live in england whilst were here on the IOM

Any ideas how others have got round this?


  • ooh god I hadn't thought about the dog when in labour -aaargh - yes, we have a 1 year old cavalier king charles and 3 cats and two sons - my mother in law is hopefully coming over before I'm due but if don't have anyone around could ask a neighbour maybe???? Hope I don't go into labour at night as friend has said she would watch the kids in the day for a bit - we don't have any family locally. mmm, will have a think now for back up plans etc.... boy lots of responsibility aren't they....
  • Hi Hon we have a 6 yr old lab cross white wolf and we have asked our neighbours if they will let him out / take him for a walk. we live in the middle of no where so he can be just let out to run, also have a cat but as long as she gets fed she won't care. Best bet is a neighbour or friend to help out as kennels might not work plus you can go weeks early or up to two weeks late! Thats a big wondow! Tammi xxx
    30.6 weeks
  • Hmmmm things to think about!! :lol: If you already have kids how did you cope with dogs and a lo?
  • Its a concern isn't it!
    We have a great dane and a choccy lab..i'm just worried about our energy levels!! they are used to two runs a day ?

    I have to have a c-section due to diabetes and just worried about giving them time with everything that goes on as they are so used to a routine...hubby just keeps pointing to my bump and telling them they are way down the pecking order now !! bless them i hope they take to the baby...we just have to treat it all as normal i suppose?

    I am a born worrier but I am sure it will all be ok our dane is a rescue and i just hope she won't feel threatened by it all as she is such a baby..the lab just seems to take whatever comes his way! its so funny how different they are.

    the joys of juggling everything!

  • we have a black lab and when i had my son he was fine with him never really bothered the only prob we had was that i had a c-section and he hadnt seen me for 4 days so when i came home he was very very excited and was trying to climb on my knee (not very good as he was 5 at the time so quite big lol) my son is now 3 and from being a baby they have been like the best of friends our dog is very patient with him as my son loves to cuddle him and sometimes gets a bit rough as children do lol but never had a problem so dont think he will change when LO number2 is born

    emma xx
  • I used to have 2 dogs when I had Jack and Ashleigh, and I have just been out and got myself a staffy lol.

    My mate has said he will come and dog sit when I go into hospital as i am having a section, and the neighbour or a different mate will walk him.
    Or lO's dad will do it.
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