Antenatal classes - NCT or NHS?

I've contacted NCT about local courses and spoken with my midwife about the course she & her colleagues run through NHS. Both would be very local to me but NHS is 3 evening sessions followed by a labour ward visit and usually around 10-15 couples and is free. NCT is 3 evening sessions plus 2 days, smaller groups and is ??180.

I'd really like to hear from anyone who's done an NCT course. I'm thinking I'd like to do the more thorough antenatal class as we can't have our mothers round much to help and guide us in the early days so this is mainly for our confidence, basic skills and understanding more about what to expect in labour. However, ??180's a lotta cash! Is it worth it?

We can still book the labour ward visit if we do the NCT classes.

Thanks for your thoughts ladies!


  • Hi Weeza,
    We did an NCT course and I thought it was worth every penny, the course was informative and friendly we met some really nice people that we would definately like to remain in contact with. The NCT also arranges a meet up and coffee mornings when the babies are all born which I think is a great idea. I would definately recommend them.

    I have no experience of the NHS course as we didn't go to one but I don't see why you can't attend both if you want to.
  • Thanks Lottie! We can attend both but if we're doing the NCT then it'd just be repetition, plus we'd be taking an extra space when we wouldn't need it. The midwife said we'd be really bored at hers if we did bothimage

    Hope your lo wiggles the right way round soon xx
  • Last time round I did the NHS course in my area, the course was good and it definately helped me get my head round things. BUT my sister in law and my cousin both did the NCT course in their area and made loads of really good friends, a huge plus if you don't know many mummies in your area, so this time round I will definately pay for the NCT course.
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