What do your OH call your belly?

Just wondering what everyones OH call there baby bellies!!

My husband is on his days off atm and i gave hima kiss good bye.. then he said come over hear i want to rub your budha belly!!!! LOL!!!




  • mine calls it sexy tum! LOL
  • My OH just calls me fattie LOL but at the mo his cousin has got a habit of calling me fattie preggie bird



  • Mine just calls it Angus!
    But recently he did remark, when I was trying to move around on the sofa, "are you trying to move the Titanic?"!!!

  • He just calls my belly 'my baby' x
  • We just call mine bump but my hubby does refer to me as fatty rather too often as well!

    31+4 x
  • So lovely isnt it to be called fattie lol! I just pleasantly remind him that I unlike him, have an excuse!!



  • My OH calls my belly Bumpty! He finds it amazingly cute lol


  • Me and hubby don't call it anything,just say "the babies" but my fil calls me Mrs SwellyBelly lol and my boss either calls me fatty or beach ball swallower! I like to remind him that I'm usually only 8 1/2 stone whereas he's at least 20st so can't really comment lol! xx
  • hubby calls baby bubba lump!
    After getting worried through lack of movement last week, we have had a few cheeky monkey names!
    hubby does say i have a "capital D" belly sometime!
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