Quinny Buzz question...

Hi I think i'm gonna get the Quinny Buzz and the car seat as well to clip onto it but I was wondering what will I do if it rains can I use the raincover on the car seat somehow??? Or will I be best getting the carry cot as well for when it rains?


  • you can buy a rain cover for the car seat, but a newborn can go in the normal seat so you could just put your baby in the normal seat when the weather is bad! I have the quinny buzz for my 10month old son, I really like it but we are expecting baby number 2 in june so we will be getting a new double buggy :\(
  • I have a Quinny buzz, and it comes with a rain cover for both the car seat, and main buggy, so you can do both!
  • The Buzz is fab, and like the others say you get raincovers with each seat type. Hannah-I love my Buzz but also have a 10 month old and am due my next one in July, so sad I won't get much use out of it anymore!
  • Thanks girls!
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