I'm Pregnant!!!

Just to share my exciting news, I'm now 6 weeks pregnant again!! Am so happy! Already have a baby girl who is only 17 weeks old so it's gonna be a very small gap. Dr worked out I'm due round about the 8th Oct and my little girls birthday is the 10th Oct!!

Am slightly worried about having two chldren so young, but I'm sure I'll be ok.

Just wondered if anyone else out there has a small gap between your babies?

Take care everyone

Garfield and tiny tiny bump!!!



  • hi so happy for you think your mad thou lol. Not much of a gap at all. Will you find out what your having?
    Tori XxX (32wks)
  • Hello Garfield

    I've just found out that I'm about 4 weeks - it's very exciting isn't it!

    Congratulations on your news, come and join us in the October 08 forum, there's quite a group of us now. xxx
  • There is just 11 mths between me and one of my sisters and my mum says its hard work to begin with but it evens out after a while.
    She says she thinks its better to have them in quick succession then leaving big gaps.
  • Hi, congratulations on your news. I'm currently 16 weeks with number 2 and my son is currently 8 months old, have wondered how we will cope but I'm so looking forward to having a baby brother or sister for Oliver.
  • congratulations you are due on my birthday. that is a small gap isnt it lol, im sure you will be fine i know a few people who have got pregnant straight away and they have managed very well,good luck with the rest of your pregnancy


  • hi so happy for you think your mad thou lol. Not much of a gap at all. Will you find out what your having?
    Tori XxX (32wks)

    Yes!! As soon as is possible!! I can't stand suprises!!! xx
  • Congratulations and fair play to you . You must have had a nice pregnancy first time cus theres no way i could consider it again so soon x Im nearly 35 and my first one is due on wednesday,ive had a rough time of it really which is fine if you only have yourself to look after. I would love to have my children close together but i would have to wipe out the last 9 months of my life from my memory!!!!!!!!! Hope you have an easy time of it so you can enjoy your baby xxxxxxxxx
  • Aww congratulations. I'm 6 weeks pg with my first so ill see you on the Oct forum! Hope your preganncy goes well xxx
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